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    virtual date ideas
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    5 Virtual Date Ideas For Locked Down Couples

    With lockdowns being more strictly enforced all over the world due to rising Covid cases, some couples have been forcibly separated… again. Although, even if it’ll never be the same as the real thing, we do have the chance to see each other over video chats. Here are some ideas for a virtual date that you can use to impress your significant other and bridge the gap.

    Covid has been pretty destructive for some of our love lives. Whether you’re not seeing your significant other enough or are seeing them too much, it’s hardly been an aphrodisiac – in addition to ruining our lives in so many other ways. But the good news is that we live in the 20th Century and we can use Skype or Zoom or WhatsApp or FaceTime or any number of other apps to at least see one another over video and hear each other’s voices. But a voice call can be very stale and the vibe just isn’t the same. So, whether it’s date one or you’ve been together for years, we found some ideas for a virtual date from The Cut that will break the ice and help you get the most out of this temporary reality:

    Cook Dinner “Together”

    Rather than simply having dinner together, why not get a little competitive and show off your skills by cooking the same meal together and get the banter going before you even sit down? Have a couple of glasses of wine together, talk about your day, and share the experience. Decide on a recipe you both like, prop your phone or laptop up on the kitchen counter and move over to the dinner table when you’re done to “share” a meal together.

    Netflix But No Chill

    You can both watch your favourite TV shows and/or movies together with the “Netflix Party” plugin which synchronizes your viewing experience. Unfortunately, Netflix has yet to come up with a digital cuddle feature… but we’ll be sure to let you know when they do.


    If you’re a big fan of quick, quirky games, a night spent playing Jackbox TV will never be a night wasted. You and your date can have a laugh together, battle for bragging rights and get a genuine games night experience that can’t get any better, even if done in person.

    Double Date

    Having a date over video chat can be awkward due to lulls in conversation… so ask a couple that you’re friends with if they’d like to join you over a four-way chat. The conversation isn’t quite as loaded. Catch up with each others’ friends together over a bowl of pasta and move away from the one-on-one time. Relationships require time spent together, but you also need the shared experience of being together around other people.

    Go On An Apartment Tour

    If your date has never seen your place before, take them on a tour through your apartment. Show off your interior decorating skills, tell them the stories behind some of the sentimental items literred across each room, tell them about the books on your bookshelf, give them a little glimpse of your life in lockdown. It’ll help you feel a little bit closer together.

    Now you’re ready to go out and keep the flame alive – even if Covid does everything it can to stop you. Our ideas for virtual dinner dates will provide some much needed relief to the burden placed on your love life by this damn pandemic.

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