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    Reignite Your Fitness Journey With This HIIT Barre Fusion Workout

    If you’ve managed to maintain your initial pandemic fitness goals – you know, the ones we all optimistically made while stuck at home in lockdowns – you’re in the minority. By now, with lockdowns on and off across the world, many of us have gotten over doing the same handful of Youtube workouts, or running the same route around the neighbourhood every day. Sometimes, changing things up and trying a new workout style can help reintroduce the spark to our exercise regime. If you’ve never tried a workout similar before, here’s a great HIIT Barre fusion workout by Heather Robertson that’ll help spice up your routine.

    If you’re unfamiliar with Barre, it distinguishes itself by the use of movements taken from ballet (famously good exercise) and the use of a ballet bar – hence the name. It also includes moves commonly associated with yoga and pilates, so it won’t be entirely alien to newcomers. As in those two, form and alignment is important in Barre, and it really helps to target those small muscles we tend to neglect!

    Robertson’s HIIT Barre fusion adds some intensity to get your heart rate up, and won’t take you more than 30 minutes. All you’ll need is a chair (to act as that ballet barre) and a yoga mat – the quarantine workout staples!

    While Barre may sound like a decidedly feminine form of exercise, don’t be fooled, It can be tough and this HIIT Barre fusion version in particular will have you working up a sweat. I personally challenge anyone who thinks this kind of exercise should be reserved for women to give it a try. You might enjoy it more than you expect, and you’ll probably find you use muscles you wouldn’t otherwise!

    Doing the same workout every day is a sure fire way to get tired of your workout. Lucky for you, the Essential Millennial will be right here to keep sharing new and interesting workouts with you!

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