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    WFH Fitness: No excuses!

    I’ve recently started a new job. The hours are long, and much of my time is spent sitting at a desk, staring at a screen. Fortunately, due to the ongoing pandemic, I’m still working from home (WFH), and that means that in lunch breaks, or any five minute breaks that may occur in between, I can hop onto my fitness mat and get a quick workout in. Maintaining a consistent workout routine might become more difficult once we move back to the office, but for now, WFH fitness is the way to go – and all you need is five minutes at a time.

    I’ve always been a big fan of the gym. Admittedly, it’s not for everyone, and it does take a massive portion of your day to get there, work out, and get showered after. If you don’t have the hour or two necessary to get a full workout in, why not split it up into multiple short workouts?

    This has a number of benefits over and above saving you time. If you’re stuck at a desk, raising your heart rate for five minutes is a great way to wake you up, making you more productive when you sit back down at your PC. It also keeps your muscles warm, which is not only great for cold weather but serves to fight off any of those aches and pains that come with sitting too long.

    If you’re looking for some super quick and easy ways to up your WFH fitness routine, I’ve already compiled an entire list of 5-minute workouts that you can do throughout your day. Simply work your way through them as you get a lull in the activity at work, or do a few in your lunch hour. I personally like adding a couple before I start working too, just to get the blood flowing.

    If you want to heat your WFH fitness game up even more (and you have the time), take a few extra minutes before you start work, or in your lunch break, to do a few of these 10-minute workouts.

    I realize that once we get back to the office, implementing these quick WFH fitness bursts will be something of a challenge. Your coworkers probably won’t appreciate you getting in your high-knees and burpees on the office floor.

    We’ll cross that bridge when we get there, though. For now, enjoy the fact that you have the freedom to split up your workout into multiple short sessions instead of one torturous session.

    I’m certain you’ll also see positive effects on your work performance, as these quick WFH fitness workouts will certainly help keep you alert and awake even when you go back to your desk!

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