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    greenthumb tiktok hacks
    Photo by Katya Austin on Unsplash


    Green Thumb TikTok Hacks For A Verdant Home

    At this point, TikTok is an educational platform. It’s rare that I log on to be entertained, and don’t come out learning something new. This week, I’m all about the green thumb Tiktok hacks – I feel like an expert on home gardening despite only owning two pot plants (thus far!).

    If you too want to up your gardening game and turn your home into an oasis, here are a few of my personal favourite Tiktok hacks to get your garden (whether it’s indoors or outdoors) to grow, baby, grow!

    1. You don’t have to buy plants

    You don’t need to go out and spend money to get your home garden started. Here’s how to set up your verdant (and edible!) paradise using the bits of veggies you usually discard!

    2. You don’t need a million pots

    Turns out with this styrofoam hack, you can start growing baby plants in one giant tub of water (bathtub? cooler box? kiddie pool? whatever you have at home). Safe the styrofoam from your next new appliance and cut it into small floaties for your children

    3. You can make your own fertilizer

    No need to spend money on chemicals to give your plants a boost, with this green thumb Tiktok hack you can make your own natural fertilizer using two ingredients you probably already have at home!

    4. It’s OK to buy from the bargain bin

    If you do feel compelled to go out and buy your plants, don’t be afraid to buy some that are on sale – even if they look a little worse for wear. They can be saved with a little TLC!

    5. Make your own bug repellant

    There are even Tiktok hacks that show you how to make your own pest repellant (although it does look a bit like you’re making broth).

    With these quick and easy TikTok hacks, upgrading your home garden has never been easier.

    So next time someone comments on the fact that you spend an hour scrolling through TikTok, tell them you’re not wasting time, you’re learning. Your garden will thank you.

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