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Bernie Sanders Wins New Hampshire Primary

Senator Bernie Sanders was declared the winner of the New Hampshire Democratic Primary on Tuesday, while Senator Amy Klobuchar shocked everyone with a third place finish and Andrew Yang dropped out of the race.

Following the debacle of the Iowa caucus last week, Sanders has been declared the winner with 87% of the results reported on at the time of writing. Sanders won nine out of the 24 delegates available, claiming 25.7% (71,759) of the total votes counted so far. With no uncertainty over the results, this will be a major boost for the Sanders campaign going forward, with the Nevada primary set to take place on 22 February and South Carolina’s on 29 February, before Super Tuesday on 3 March.

The Top 10 candidates coming out of Iowa, with 87% reporting [courtesy of Google]

Talking to his supporters after the results came in, Sanders spoke about his victory in New Hampshire being the “beginning of the end” for Donald Trump.

“Let me thank the people of New Hampshire for the great victory tonight,” Sanders said, according to Al Jazeera.

“This victory here is the beginning of the end for Donald Trump.”

Pete Buttigieg accumulated just 4,000 votes less than Sanders, winning 24.4% of the vote and accumulating the same number of delegates, with the former Mayor of South Bend, Indiana continuing to hold a strong position in the campaigns. However, the surprise story of the night was Senator Amy Klobuchar’s 19.7% share of the votes, which won her six delegates. Klobuchar was highly praised for her debate performance on Friday and her surge in popularity has come at the expense of Senator Elizabeth Warren and former Vice President, Joe Biden, who both failed to win a single delegate, winning a 9.3% and 8.4% share of the vote.

Amy Klobuchar in Concord, New Hampshire, on Saturday. She performed well in the Democratic debate on Friday night, but her path beyond New Hampshire is unclear. Photograph: Andrew Harnik/AP [The Guardian]

Biden had already effectively conceded victory, having left the state early to campaign in South Carolina, where he will be banking on his popularity among minority voters. After the results were released, newcomer Andrew Yang, a 45-year-old entrepreneur who ran on an issue-based campaign offering a $1000 per month Universal Basic Income to all Americans over 18, suspended his campaign. He won 2.8% of the votes and is followed by Michael Bennet as the latest candidate to suspend their campaign, after the likes of Kamala Harris, Cory Booker and Julian Castro dropped out earlier on.

When you follow the mainstream media coverage of the primaries, you’ll be bound to come across the argument that Sanders’ victory will not be relevant because Iowa and New Hampshire are not as racially diverse as other states. However, they will not mention that Sanders polls in second among black voters out of all of the 2020 candidates and first among Hispanic voters, according to a poll from The Intercept.

The Intercept‘s polling data regarding 2020 Democratic candidates for key voter demographics

Make no mistake, the media will do everything they can to play down Sanders’ position as the front-runner in this primary. Joe Biden has been the preferred candidate for mainstream media for the last year, but as his campaign loses steam, attention has now shifted to another centrist candidate, Buttigieg. However, Buttigieg put most of the focus of his campaign into Iowa and he polls at 1% and 2% among black and Hispanic voters, respectively, according to the aforementioned poll.

It is likely that Klobuchar, the last remaining viable centrist candidate, will pick up momentum and could take over from Buttigieg as the mainstream media favourite. Elizabeth Warren, who is the other progressive candidate in the race has effectively run out of steam as she incrementally abandoned her progressive positions, such as her support for Medicare-for-All. After accusing Bernie Sanders of being a sexist last month, Warren’s campaign has come to a virtual standstill. It’s worth noting that a few months ago, she was leading the polls in New Hampshire.

With New Hampshire out of the way, though, there’s no doubt that Bernie Sanders has picked up from where he left off in 2016 and is the undisputed front runner. And when he says it’s the beginning of the end for Donald Trump, he has a point. Trump beat centrist Hillary Clinton mostly due to his populist rhetoric where he made promises to resurrect manufacturing jobs. The message resonated in crucial states in the Mid-West such as Pennsylvania. This is how Trump won via electoral college. And, considering that Trump has given tax cuts to the rich, wages have remained low and that manufacturing jobs are still in decline, Sanders’ campaign, which is largely based on economic issues, will almost certainly see him ascend to the White House.

We’re still in the early stages and November is a long way away, but it is without question that Bernie Sanders will be sleeping easy tonight.

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