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    I Kinda Miss Donald… Here Are Some Highlights From The Trump Presidency

    I know it sounds crazy… and it’s only been a week, but I miss Donald Trump’s antics. So we’ve put together some of our highlights of the Trump administration’s absurdity.

    Don’t get me wrong, I detest the man. He’s a fraud, liar, conman and a narcissist. But he brought together a bona fide reality TV show for four years that made for great entertainment – to be crass about it. His presidency, particularly with regards to his response to Covid-19, will have far reaching consequences that can’t be overlooked. But the sheer absurdity of his single-term presidency will live long in our memories. How could you not miss Trump? So let’s take a look at some of his most absurd, entertaining moments in office:

    That time when he tweeted “Covfefe”

    Who can ever forget the infamous “Covfefe” tweet? This thing went viral just five months into Trump’s presidency and nobody knew what the fuck he was talking about. And Trump relished in the confusion.

    Trump highlights

    He definitely intended to say coverage… but why the hell did Trump’s phone autocorrect it to covfefe? THAT is a mystery and I’m quite surprised that there are no QAnon conspiracies flying around about how it’s some kind of code word, warning of a Democrat plot or something like that.

    That time he stared directly at the sun during an eclipse

    solar eclipse
    [Image: Bighten solar]

    Even little children know that you aren’t supposed to stare directly at the sun during an eclipse and know it can totally ruin your eyes. Trump, who originally wore special sunglasses to view the eclipse in a photo-op was spotted taking his glasses of and looking right at the sun and the whole world had a bit of a chuckle.

    That time he pushed Montenegro’s Prime Minister out of the way

    Trump highlights
    [Image: NBC]

    This is one of my favourite highlights of the Trump presidency… Constantly needing to be the center of attention, Trump announced his presence at the 2017 NATO summit, by pushing the Prime Minster of Montenegro out of the way while greeting world leaders so that everyone could watch him adjust his jacket. It ended up foreshadowing the way Trump would handle foreign policy right up until the end. Always putting himself front and center.

    That time he lived off McDonald’s during a government shutdown

    [Image: The Ring of Fire]

    When the US government went into a partial shutdown in 2019, Trump showed off his White House dinner arrangements, which included hundreds of McDonald’s burgers and Domino’s pizzas. It turns out that there were still two chefs in the White House at the time and that the Trumps weren’t forced to eat fast food. In fact, Trump is frequently seen eating McDonald’s on Air Force One. Perhaps he loves the food, or perhaps he just likes being more relatable to millions of Americans who live off of McDonald’s every day.

    That time he promoted injecting disinfectant as a treatment for Covid-19

    inject disinfectant
    [Image: Jabin Botsford/The Washington Post via Getty Images]

    Trump’s list of Covid-related gaffes is endless. From downplaying it as a seasonal flu, to recommending hydroxychloroquine as an effective treatment, to denying the efficacy of masks, as well as contracting the disease himself, it’d be almost impossible to list them all. However, when he said that injecting disinfectant into people’s bodies could help eliminate the virus, it took the cake.

    “I see the disinfectant where it knocks [the virus] out [from a surface] in a minute, one minute, and is there a way we can do something like that [by] injection inside or almost a cleaning, because you see it gets on the lungs and it does a tremendous number,” Trump said in April last year.

    There were so many more moments during the Trump presidency where non-Americans such as myself could just take a look at what was going on every day and have a good laugh about it. And now he’s not even on Twitter!

    I have no doubt that the Joe Biden administration, albeit that it won’t be good enough, will be significantly better than Trump’s and will be less embarrassing for Americans. And I’m happy, for the sake of the entire world, that we don’t have to deal with another 4 years of Kardashian-esque antics. But, I gotta admit, I’m going to miss Trump… just a little bit. At least I’ll always have these highlights from the Trump administration to look back on…

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