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Bernie Sanders meme

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20 Hilarious Takes On The Bernie Sanders Meme

With the Bernie Sanders meme flooding across every corner of the Internet, we’ve put together a gallery of 20 of our favourites from the lot

At President Joe Biden’s inauguration on Wednesday, there was one unforgettable moment where Bernie Sanders reminded us that he’s not only one of the most influential politicians in the country, but he’s also officially America’s grandpa and a cultural icon.

He was spotted wearing a jacket that looks pretty familiar to one from another viral Bernie Sanders meme…

Bernie Sanders meme

Along with that, the Senator from Vermont was wearing a pair of mittens that were given to him as a gift from Jen Ellis, a Vermont-based teacher and supporter.

“She is a schoolteacher and a very, very nice person, and is somewhat overwhelmed by the kind of attention that’s being shown to her,” Sanders said in an interview on Late Night with Seth Meyers, according to Buzzfeed. “”I was just sitting there, trying to keep warm, trying to pay attention to what was going on.”

Here are our favourites from the ever expanding Bernie Sanders meme taking the world by storm:

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