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White House Staff Fear Final Days Of The Trump Administration

Trump White House

Staff and senior White House officials are expressing their concerns over the final days of the Trump administration and how he and a number of his advisors are still attempting to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election.

Trump lost the presidential race to Joe Biden by the same margin that he called a “landslide” when he beat Hillary Clinton in 2016 and has made countless attempts through the courts to prove cases of voter fraud, all of which have failed due to a lack of evidence. And, in a story that is truly terrifying for American democracy, Trump recently floated the idea of declaring martial law as the final roll of the dice to retain power. This has left several senior staff concerned about what Trump has planned for the little over three weeks between now and Joe Biden’s inauguration day on January 20.

Sidney Powell, Rudy Giuliani, Micheal Flynn, Steve Bannon, Peter Navarro, and Patrick Byrne make up a collection of conspiracy theorists, propagandists and Trump sycophants. They have all been in and out of the Oval Office and on the phone to Trump advising him on his last-ditch attempts to change the outcome of the election.

“No one is sure where this is heading,” one official told CNN on Monday. “He’s still the President for another month.”

“We won this election in a landslide,” Trump claimed during a Monday call to the activist Charlie Kirk.

“The problem is we need a party that’s going to fight and we have some great congressmen and women that are doing it and we have others, some great fighters,” Trump continued. “But we won this in a landslide, they know it, and we need backing from, like, the Justice Department, and other people finally have to step up.”

White House officials are particularly concerned about Sidney Powell, a member who was ostensibly kicked out from the Trump legal team after touting conspiracy theories, for which she claimed to have a “fire hose” of evidence for.

“There’s high levels of concern with anything involving Sidney Powell,” one source close to the President said. “The lawyers are very worried.”

Officials also went on to explain some of the frightening details about the goings-on in the White House, with Trump seeming to have abandoned his duties as president to dedicate his time entirely to altering the outcome of the election.

We recommend reading the full CNN report on Trump’s legal team, what his advisors are telling him and the outright refusal to concede the election, which may simply never happen.

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