The Best Back & Lats Exercises For Your Home Workout (Dumbbells only)

Back lats Exercises Dumbbells only

One of the most frustrating things about the Covid-19 pandemic is the limited equipment for those of us who can’t afford a home gym. And the most difficult things to pull off in a home workout is targeted back and lats exercises, especially if your equipment is limited to dumbbells.

What gym machinery has to offer for back workouts is practically irreplaceable in a home setting, from the standing cable pullover to the 75 degree handles that you can use on the lat pulldown machine. But, vlogger, Ryan Hudsonhas put together an awesome video on simple back and lats exercises that will only require dumbbells and can easily be done at home.

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Back & lats dumbbell exercises #1: Modified dumbbell pullover

Hudson explains that the workout we often revert to, the dumbbell pullover, may be a great exercise, but hits your triceps too much and the focus on your back is lost.

So, he switches it up, putting his bench on a decline, using two dumbbells, keeping his elbows bent at a fixed 45 degree angle at all times in order to keep emphasis on the lats.

Back & lats dumbbell exercises #2: Modified standing dumbbell rows

Lean up against a wall and squat to engage your thighs, with your lower back maintaining balance against the wall. But don’t lean against the wall with a flat back because it will not engage the middle of your back, which you want to strengthen with this exercise. Decide for yourself how much flection and extension you want in your mid-back. From there, just do a regular standing row exercise

Back & lats dumbbell exercises #3: Modified high-rows

Lay chest-down at the edge of your bench with a slight incline. However, instead of the typical high row, break it down into two movements. Start by pulling the dumbbells with control from the starting position close to the ground. Pull it up using your biceps, lifting your chest off of the bench first, and then engage your traps for the typical high-row movement for the second part of the movement.

Back & lats dumbbell exercises #4: Modified high-rows

To make up for the reverse-hyperextension, Hudson explains that you can use a 5lbs (±2kg) dumbbell. We can recreate the reverse-hyperextension movement by laying on chest-down on the edge of the bench, with your legs hanging off the edge from your hips down. Moving your legs up into the air from a 90 degree angle, bent at the knee, with the dumbbell being held by your feet, while holding onto the end of the bench. If you’re feeling this in your lower back you’re doing it right.

Hudson’s workout makes for some phenomenal exercises that target the back perfectly. And the great part is you can do as many reps as you like so as not to over-exert yourself. But you can be sure, if you put the effort in and get your form right, you will feel some healthy pain that will take you on your way to getting the shredded back that you’ve been missing ever since you reverted to home workouts.

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