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Fast Track Your Fitness From Your Sofa With These Couch Workouts

couch workout

Even though we may soon be allowed back in the gym in South Africa, not everyone might be ready for that. We are, after all, still in the middle of a pandemic (a fact which many are choosing to ignore nowadays) and resuming normal activities only aggravates that situation. So, for those who want to work up a sweat and start chiselling their summer body, but don’t want to return to germ-infested locker rooms, home workout are the way to go. Motivation doesn’t always run high, though, so we’ve compiled some workouts using a somewhat unconventional piece of equipment.

Whatever your workout goals may be, your living room sofa will be your new best friend with these couch workouts –perfect for lazy days and small spaces.

Blogilates couch workout

We’ve mentioned this channel before in our Who Needs Gym When You Have Youtube article, and it’s making an appearance again here for good reason. Though Cassey Ho looks sweet, her workouts BURN, and they’ll have you swearing at the screen in minutes wishing she’d just drop dead (of course, we don’t mean it. We need her. She keeps our abs firm).

Here’s her take on how to use your sofa as a great piece of workout equipment:

Chloe Ting’s couch workout

I’m a big fan of Chloe Ting and her free workout programs. Regardless of what you’re trying to achieve with your workouts, Chloe has a program for you. They’re not easy, but they work.

The best thing about her channel is that she’s a little quieter than Cassey Ho. There’s less talking, more sweating, and some pretty catchy music to help you keep up the pace. I highly recommend checking out some of her other videos too, but to kick off your workout, here’s her couch workout:

Popsugar couch workout

This is a good one for any age and any fitness goal. Get the whole family involved (if you have the space and couches available) and motivate each other!

Like the Blogilates videos, these can be a little noisy as there’s a lot of talking in between, but if you’re into having someone make conversation while you train, it just might be the perfect addition to your new sofa routine:

JHoff Fitness higher grade sofa workout

If you’re feeling brave and looking to kick it up a notch not to worry! Your couch can still be the only piece of equipment you use! This one has a little more potential for injury, so only do it if you’re really comfortable with sliding in under your sofa, and confident you won’t get crushed.

There’s nobody watching when you work out in your living room so… don’t be a hero.

You’ll never need to use actual workout equipment again after all of these. Mix them up to add variety to your routine, and let us know which one was your facourite!

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