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Coronavirus Death Toll Rises – 1st Fatality Outside Of China

The list of fatalities and victims of the coronavirus is skyrocketing and the death toll is now 361, while the first victim succumbed to the disease outside of Chinese borders.

Al Jazeera reported on Monday that the death toll for the Coronavirus outbreak which has spread throughout China and several other countries around the world now stands at 361 and that the Philippines has become the first country outside of China to record a fatality from the disease.

Image: Aly Song, Reuters~ Al Jazeera

China’s National Health Commission announced another 57 fatalities on Sunday – with all but one coming from the already sealed off province of Hubei, where the disease originated at the end of last year. There are now more than 17,000 people infected with over 2,000 new cases being reported since the last figures were released.

Almost 150 people from more than two dozen countries outside of China have contracted the coronavirus. The Maldives is currently the latest country to ban travelers from China from entering the country as a precautionary measure. China itself has designated 27 hospitals and 12,000 beds to cater for victims of the nCoV-2019 virus.

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