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    Bongani Mbiza
    Photo by Parsoa Khorsand on Unsplash


    How Bongani Mbiza Uses Tennis to Give Back to His Community

    Bongani Mbiza, who hails from Gugulethu, Cape Town is a chairperson and tennis coach at Gugulethu Tennis Club, and a member of the Cape Town Tennis organization.

    Mbiza used to play tennis at an amateur level but opted to obtain a coaching license, and has been coaching tennis for more than 10 years. “I got a coaching license because I love tennis and coaching, but what really motivated me to obtain such was because I wanted to give back to the community and help young, aspiring tennis players achieve their dreams on a professional level,” he said.

    As a result of the support they receive from our community, tennis has been slowly gaining exposure in Gugulethu, but the tennis coach still maintains that more can be done in this regard. He said he hopes that the area can get three or four tennis courts so they will be able to host tournaments.

     “We can’t invite other clubs to our area because we lack tennis courts to accommodate them, and that’s one of the biggest challenges we are facing” he added.

    On the 10th of January 2022, the club reopened for the upcoming season. The club went to the clubhouse of Tennis SA to draw some inspiration for the upcoming season. They got the opportunity to attend a meeting that was held there on the day, and met other coaches as well as some provincial tennis players. The players got the opportunity to gain such interaction first hand, and Mbiza believes this experience will motivate his players.

    “What I love about Tennis SA is that they have a selection team where they select players from the grassroots level along with the players’ coaches. They give them exposure on a provincial level. But I would love to see more black players being selected and that’s my goal. I want one of my players to be selected” he continued.

    Gugulethu Tennis Club has been part of many tournaments but Mbiza says their biggest was the Wilson tournament. His proudest moment was when 2 of his players came back with Gold and Bronze medals.

    “I Hope 2022 brings many achievements for the club” he concluded.

    This article was written by Essential Millennial guest contributor, Likho Mpama. If you’d like to have your articles featured on Essential Millennial, email us at [email protected].

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