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    Nkosana Hollow Wants To Make A Change Through Football

    Nkosana Hollow, 27,  grew up in the notorious township of Nyanga East Cape Town. He attended his Tertiary Education at ETA, where he obtained his sports coaching science and sports Administration diploma. He also has a CAF coaching license and recently completed the Scottish FA courses for Children’s Wellbeing in Scottish Football, Football Unites Equality in Scottish Football, Football Unites Mental Health in Scottish Football, and United football vs Homophobia Scotland.

    Nkosana Hollow

    Nkosana Hollow (Image: supplied)

    He is currently working for an academy called Onesimo football Academy as a Sports Director and coach, and he runs a program for local kids at SafeHub.

    “Football is the only sport we are exposed to in the township. The dream started by watching football games, analysing football games, analysing formations and tactics. I guess it’s a calling. I feel like I was born to coach. I got my first coaching opportunity through a man called Dave Waters who’s the Ubuntu academy director. He gave me my first opportunity at the age of 19 and I was doing my 1st year in tertiary, so I have to thank Mr. Dave Waters because he played a part in shaping my coaching career” he said.

    The Onesimo coach states that even if someone gets such opportunities or even gets their coaching license, it does not mean doors will be opened but that it does bring them closer to the door.

    “Getting a coaching license is like getting a matric certificate, you can not go to university without a matric certificate, same as you can not coach a professional team without acquiring a coaching license”, Hollow added.

    “It does not open those doors, but you get taught how to train different divisions. For example we call under 10-12 the golden age. Players that are around that division grasp information easier,  it’s easy to teach them the basics like passing the ball with the instep technique, possession play, how to contain their stamina in the game by using the breathing technique,” he said.

    Hollow believes every coach should improve their skills. Coaches should always grow their knowledge of the game. Not only that, but also grow their knowledge of managing players, and that’s why he has other qualifications added to his CAF coaching license.

    He said “there’s more to football than just playing. There’s also the human element as well, so I had to equip myself so I can be a better coach and a better role model to them. The most significant course I felt I needed to do was the Homophobia vs Football because there are so many stereotypes about women playing sports. I want to break that stereotype, be able to open up an environment where boys can play sports with girls and educate them about inclusivity. I believe if I can sharpen their mindsets at a young age there would be fewer GBV cases. Onesimo Football Academy has recently started a female’s under 13’s and Under 19’s team. I want to implement programs that focus on such subjects”.

    He touched on the mental struggles that players go through and that he saw many kids going through a lot of things in their personal lives that affected them in training and even matches. “Your players should be able to talk to you, that is important “ He concluded. 

    This article was written by Essential Millennial guest contributor, Likho Mpama. If you’d like to have your articles featured on Essential Millennial, email us at [email protected].

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