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    Bad Quality Reels & TikToks? This Might Help

    We all know video killed the radio star, but now it’s slowly murdering still photos too. If you’re looking for social media growth, you can’t do without using TikTok or reels to promote yourself, your brand, or your organisation. But if you’ve noticed that a video, that looked perfect while you were editing, it becomes pixelated and blurry after posting, you’re not alone. A quick google search reveals millions of like-minded individuals struggling with the same issue. I’ve joined their ranks and done a little research on how to create better quality Reels & Tiktoks so you don’t have to. Here’s what I learned:

    Ideal Video Size

    Let’s start from the most basic points. Bear with me.

    Make sure that your videos are the right size for the platform, or you’ll risk them adjusting your videos for you. This mistake is the fastest way to have your initially stunning videos result in poor quality Reels & Tiktoks. Ideally, you’re looking for a ratio of 1080 x 1920 pixels.

    This is especially important to remember if you’re creating your videos outside of Reels or TikTok.

    Ideal Settings for Reels & Tiktoks

    This is assuming you’re filming using your phone – particularly iPhone, although Android may have a similar solution.

    If you’re filming on an iPhone, there are a few phone camera settings you can have a look at in order to improve the quality of the videos you’re creating. You can select your quality, as well as your frame rate in your phone’s camera settings. Here’s how it’s done:

    • Open your camera settings
    • tap “record video”
    • set your video to 4k
    • select a frame rate of 30fps or lower

    After filming your video, you can adjust the size to fit Reels & Tiktok by cropping it to 9:16 before uploading it. It feels like unnecessary effort, but this is another great extra step you can take to get better quality Reels & Tiktoks. Alternatively, film your videos natively within the app. Everything is right there for you and will allow you to skip this last step entirely.

    Turn on HD in TikTok*

    *Only available to some users

    This last one is way less obvious than it should be.

    In a perfect world, our videos would be uploaded to Tiktok in HD automatically. But whether to save your bandwidth or to shorten upload speeds, the platform has decided this is a responsibility we’ll have to take upon ourselves.

    After getting your video ready to post and writing your caption, tap the “more options” button and turn on the “upload HD setting”. Now sit back (after a slightly longer upload) and watch your videos POP.


    Be careful of how many times you’re downloading, saving, and resharing the same video. Each time you do this, you’ll lower the quality just a little more, turning your final share into a blurry mess.

    Also, be careful not to share a video with the Reels logo on Tiktok and vice versa. These platforms will actively suppress videos that display the watermarks of competitive apps, and simply exporting your TikTok over to Reels is a great way to not get the reach you’re looking for. Don’t ask me how they know, they just do. Avoid this rookie move by putting in a little extra time to re-edit your video on each platform.

    No matter how much effort you put into creating the perfect quality Reels & Tiktoks, the platforms will always diminish the quality of your videos in order to improve the performance of the app. By doing what you can to create the best quality videos you can before this happens, you’ll definitely see improvement.

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