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    French onion soup recipe
    Image: Babish Culinary Universe


    Try Out This French Onion Soup Recipe

    This delicious recipe for a French onion soup will warm you up on chilly winter evenings and will bring your tastebuds to life with some delectable (and perhaps gluttonous) tastes, textures and smells.

    I came across this recipe on Babish Culinary Universe‘s YouTube Channel because I was looking for a new variation on soup and to expose my tastebuds to a greater variety of flavors. Here’s the video for Babish’s French onion soup recipe:

    The recipe itself is not particularly complicated and, even though I’ve yet to make my own stock (which is apparently how you get the most out of it), it’s worth putting in the effort it takes to pull this recipe off. It’s really just a matter of caramelizing onions, toasting some bread and adding a ton of cheese. Seriously, like half of the soup is just melted cheese…

    So, I couldn’t recommend this recipe highly enough for something that tastes truly delicious, warms your body up on freezing winter evenings and that will impress your friends and families alike. Try it out and enjoy!

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