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    chickpea burgers
    Image: Whatsfordinner


    Try Out These Spicy Chickpea Burgers

    Looking for a great vegetarian alternative to burger night? These chickpea burgers take less than half an hour to make and pack a spicy punch that’ll make you forget that there’s no meat in them!

    While looking for a decent plant-based alternative for burgers, I’ve never quite managed to find a recipe that holds up without falling apart. This is not vegan, it’s vegetarian. However, you could easily swap out some of the ingredients for plant-based alternatives that’ll yield the same results. I picked this recipe up from Whatsfordinner and have added my own tweaks. Take a look at the instructions below to find out how to make your own:


    2 tbsps mild masala curry powder

    2 x 400 g tinned chickpeas, rinsed and drained

    ½ cup double cream yogurt (can substitute with soya/almond/cashew/hemp yogurt)

    1 egg (find out how to substitute eggs and binding agents with plant-based alternatives here)

    1.5 cup fresh breadcrumbs

    3 spring onions, finely sliced

    ½ cup coriander, finely chopped

    Sea salt to season

    Black peppercorns to taste

    1 tbsp vegetable oil

    4 Burger rolls


    Dry toast the mild masala curry powder in a pan for a minute, making sure that it doesn’t burn.

    Mash up the chickpeas in a large bowl with a food processor to make them as fine as possible.

    Add ½ cup yogurt, curry powder, egg, and breadcrumbs. Process or mix until the mixture is well-combined but still chunky.

    Add spring onions and coriander. Season with salt and pepper. Stir until well-combined.

    Heat up some oil in a frying pan, break the mixture up with your hands and create large balls out of them, then flatten the balls and add to the pan, grilling them until they’ve taken a round shape (you can give the burgers a rounder shape by smoothing the outside of the burgers with a spatula) and are a dark, golden brown color.

    Allow your burgers to rest for five to 10 minutes, then place them on bread rolls and add a garnish of your choice.

    Once you’ve served your spicy chickpea burgers and added a garnish, they should be consistent enough to pick up and take a bite from them without the meatless patties falling apart. This is one of the first recipes I’ve managed to create consistent, well-bound meatless patties that don’t fall apart and they’re delicious too! So go forth and enjoy these spicy chickpea burgers and keep coming back to the Essential Kitchen for more recipes like this.

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