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    Pride Make-up looks
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    Pride Make-Up Looks to Brighten The Rest Of The Year

    June is a month to celebrate. Normally, there would be parades and parties, but on account of the pandemic we’ve had to make a few concessions. LGBTQIA creatives and allies have been lighting up social media with their killer Pride Make-Up Looks, and we are absolutely inspired. Here are a few of our favourites, if you’re looking to add some colour to your life for the rest of this Pride month (and after!).

    Rainbow Pride Make up Looks

    Obviously, this list wouldn’t be complete without a whole tone of rainbow looks to brighten up your day. Some of them may be a little extra if you’re just looking for a fun make-up look for your night out (but don’t be shy!). If you want to really go all out though, gather some inspiration from the following creative styles:

    Glitter Looks

    If rainbows aren’t your thing but you still want to celebrate with some pride make-up looks, try adding some pizzazz! Glitter is the perfect way to turn any look into something that packs a little more punch:

    James Charles on IG

    Play With Your Pronouns

    What better way to express your identity than by writing it on your face? Not only does this leave no room for confusion, but it’s a creative and attention-grabbing way to make a statement. Check out how these creatives have played with their pronouns in their pride make-up looks:

    If you need an excuse to whip out those make-up palettes you’ve been neglecting, permission granted. But let’s remember that pride doesn’t have to end with June. Keep letting your creative juices flow and your light shine for the rest of the year!

    If you post any of your own Pride Make-up Looks, on Instagram, tag us @essentialmillennial so we can see your works of art too!

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