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    Winter Nail art trends 2021

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    Winter Nail Art For Sweater Weather 2021

    As the weather gets cooler and winter rolls in to the Southern Hemisphere, we need to focus on all the small things that bring us joy to get through the winter! for many of us, that means having cute nails that we enjoy looking at in between sipping hot beverages and wrapping ourselves in blankets and scarves. Here are a few of my personal favourite winter nail art trends to inspire you before your next nail appointment!

    French Tips

    The classing French tip never died, but this season it’s back with a vengeance – and often with interesting new twists! For those who seek an almost nude look bit with a pop of colour, this is the perfect trend! And the best part is that as they grow out, they don’t look nearly as bad as nails with full colour. Perfectly pretty and low maintenance!

    Cool blue winter nail art

    Winter is all about the cool and moody weather, and what better way to reflect that on your finger tips than with cool blue tones? This winter nail art trend conjures up images of Disney’s Frozen, and winter wonderlands. Even if you don’t have snow wherever you are, this is the perfect way to celebrate everything that’s iconically winter.

    Stay Golden

    This winter nail art trend is timeless, and can be added to any style and colour. Add golden details to your next set to really make them pop and keep your winter months a little more glam.

    Textured Talons

    This trend mimics the patterns of sweaters and snowflakes – the perfect wintery elements for a truly eye-catching set of nails!

    Winter nail art face off

    This trend has blown up on my instagram feed, and it’s not hard to see why. these simple line art faces not only make your nails pop, but they’re all totally unique and allow for a whole load of personal expression. They also call to mind timeless artists like Picasso – making your fingertips true works of art.

    If you haven’t already figured out what you want for your next set, maybe these ideas will inspire you. And if you have…well, just ad them to the list! You’ve got a few months of cold weather coming up so there’s ample time to enjoy your eye-catching new winter nail art.

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    1 Comment

    1. DJP

      13th Nov 2021 at 12:23 am

      This is an amazing site. A few issues on the data though. Pearce says ethe walls were 16,000km ? Thats 10,000 miles. If you make a square with 2,500 miles each side that’s 6.25 million square miles isn’t it ? Modern Benin is only 44,000 square miles. Africa as a continent is 11 million square miles. Also his man-hours – thats 625,000 people working full time for a year. Don’t know how long it took of course.

      Also didn’t the Edo culture make a lot of it’s wealth from the slave trade ?

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