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    3d photo effect
    Photo by Ron Lach from Pexels


    How To Do That 3D Photo Effect You’re Seeing Everywhere

    If you’re starting to feel like everyone around you has jumped onto that 3D photo effect trend lately…you’re not wrong. The trend seems to have taken over on both Instagram and Tiktok, as it adds a whole new dimension to one’s pictures and feed. If you’re looking to spice up your own photos, rest assured this editing trick is super quick and simple! All you need is an app called CapCut. Here’s how it’s done.

    1. Download CapCut
    2. Open the app and import a photo that you wan’t to modify
    3. Tap “Edit”
    4. Tap “Style”
    5. Select the “3D Zoom” option
    6. And save your edit to your camera roll!

    It could hardly be simpler than that!

    If you’re looking to turn your pictures into a Tiktok video rather than an IG post, you can pair it with the trending sound “Phonky Town”. It’s recommended that for this you use 11 images, and the final result will look something like this:

    …whether you choose to use a cat or not is up to you. Likewise with Jackie Chan.

    So, obviously, you don’ have to spend hours editing to spruce up your feed. Nor are viral feed trends just for the kids anymore! Just add this simple, trending 3D photo effect to give your selfies a new edge.

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