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10 minute ab workout by Chloe Ting


The 10 Minute Ab Workout You Need To Do Every Day

If you’re living in the northern hemisphere, swimsuit season is finally on its way. If you’re in the south, you’re probably prepping for sweater weather. No matter what the season, though, there’s no excuse for neglecting your core! This quick, 10 minute ab workout by Chloe Ting is the perfect way to end off your usual workout if you want to keep that core strong all year round.

10 minute ab workout by Chloe Ting
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Chloe Ting has become an online fitness sensation, particularly after we were all forced to workout at home during lockdowns. But just because we’re allowed out of our homes again doesn’t mean she’s stopped producing killer content! Her latest free workout challenge is motivating and effective, and this ab workout will have you feeling that sweet burn in your core.

This workout requires no equipment (although a yoga mat helps), and very little space. It’s perfect for literally anybody and can just be added onto your usual routine if you’re looking to put in that extra bit of work.

Alternatively, you can follow Chloe Ting’s whole 2021 summer shred challenge. Her free programs are perfect for anyone looking to get into fitness without having to splurge on a gym contract. They’re also wonderful if you just want some variation in your fitness regime. The best part? She’s constantly uploading new workouts so you’ll never get tired of doing the same thing every day!

Well? What are you still doing here? Jump into something comfy and hit the play button to let those abdominals feel the burn!

For more workouts like this 10 minute ab workout, visit Chloe Ting’s Youtube channel or her website!

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