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    Love Death & Robots volume 2
    Image: Netflix


    Love, Death & Robots Volume 2 Does Not Disappoint

    Volume 2 of Netflix’s Love, Death & Robots is here and it is just as mind-blowing as the first. The award-winning Sci-Fi animation is packed with bitesized stories of futuristic dystopias. It will make you question whether you want the latest technology to integrate so seamlessly into your life.

    Love, Death & Robots Volume 1 (2019) set a benchmark for the Cyberpunk genre and has critical acclaim to prove it. For those unfamiliar with the series, all of the episodes in the series are less than 18 minutes long. But it’s more than enough to bring a plot together for creators Tim Miller, Joshua Donen, David Fincher and Jennifer Miller. It is a reimagining of the 1981 animated science fiction film “Heavy Metal”

    As was the case with the first volume, animation styles vary in Love, Death & Robots Volume 2. CGI that looks like live action brings incredible, futuristic worlds to life. Others are depicted through a graphic novel-style of animation. The first episode even has a hint of Pixar-style animation to it… (but certainly not the storyline).

    However, there are some who believe that the show has compromised on storytelling for the sake of better animation. They argue the new season lacks the original vision and conceptual audacity of the first season.

    Here is a frustrating incompleteness to nearly every episode in the second season of Love, Death & Robots. Prizing animation at the expense of narrative, 3D realism over 2D abstraction, sure prove to be its undoing. So, you get the feeling you’re watching a series of demo reels rather than fully finished films. Perhaps the show’s value in a binge-and-forget culture is best symbolised in “The Drowned Giant.” Once the novelty wears off, it will fade into oblivion as people move on to the next shiny thing on their watchlist.

    Prahlad Srihari, FirstPost

    Nonetheless, in my opinion Love, Death & Robots is truly coming to define the cyberpunk genre. Each storyline is incredibly compelling and will have you on the edge of your seat. And, when you’re done watching, you don’t want to live in the future that seems to be way too realistic. The second volume may fall somewhat short of the remarkable stories from the first season, but there’s still something special. They make you think… is all this new tech good thing?

    First thing’s first – no maintenance robots! Seriously… clean your house yourself; it’s just not worth it. Secondly, let’s stay away from genetic modification. Thirdly, immortality just doesn’t look like it’s as cool as it seems. But let me not ruin the stories for you. You have to be prepared to question exactly what you think an ideal future would look like. Particularly regarding how human nature has the potential to make a mess out of anything.

    Much like Black Mirror, Love, Death & Robots Volume 2 is tough to watch at times… but you just can’t stop. And the fact that episodes are short is great if you don’t want to commit to binging for too long. You can get through the entire volume in a single night and not feel that series fatigue at all. If you haven’t already watched it, don’t hesitate! Catch an episode or two during your lunch break and find out what all the fuss is about.

    Essential Millennial rating: 4.5 out of 5 avocadoes

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