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    How to Get Started On TikTok

    If you’re a company, a brand, or creator, the easiest way to get your name out there these days is with TikTok. This app is the great equaliser – good videos can go viral regardless of your follower count. Branching out to new apps can be daunting though, especially one that predominantly used video. No worries, Here are a few pointers that’ll help you figure things out if you want to get started on TikTok.

    Figure out your content strategy

    This is the absolute first step on your journey. What do you want to share with the world? Try to pick an area of interest, or a theme that suits your company, and narrow it down.

    For example, rather than just doing a general “wellness” page, can you niche it down to “women’s fitness”, “mindfulness meditation”, or plant-based cooking?”. This will insure that your followers will always know what to expect from you, and that they’ll stick around to see more of what interests them!

    It’s fine to branch out a little once you’ve got an established following. That way you’ll be able to gauge your audience’s reaction. When starting out, however, it’s essential to stick to one theme. Make it as specific as possible.

    Give viewers value

    Try to share something unique and new with every video. Give your followers some kind of meaning, or value, so they really feel your videos are worth watching. This can be as simple as making them laugh, or teaching them something they didn’t know before!

    Your followers might be curious about you as a person too. Don’t be afraid to connect with them on a personal level through messages and comments. Personal connection is value too!

    When it comes to value, the quality of your videos will play an essential role too. Make sure you’re using the correct aspect ratio, and that the video and sound is as clear as possible! Lighting and in-video text can make a massive difference!

    Use the trends and hashtags

    If you’re about to get started on TikTok, remember that this app gives you ALL the tools you need to be successful. You can easily hop onto viral trends each week, which will help you expand your reach considerably.

    By using trending sounds, you can get your videos to show up on more feeds, and in the home page of the sound itself. This way more viewers are likely to come across it by accident. If it’s good, they might just stick around!

    Be sure to make the trends your own, though. If you’re not a dancer, just use the trending music in your cooking vlogs – or whatever you do. You can even play with creative twists on trends that originated in other niches.

    Then the hashtags. They’ll be your best friends.

    Don’t forget to use hashtags that are searchable! If you were using the search bar to find videos in your niche, what would you type? THAT’s what needs to be in your hashtags. #fyp will get you nowhere, as nobody’s going to be searching that – no matter how many people you see using it.

    Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

    Play with effects

    Again, Tiktok gives you all the tools you need to blow up on the platform. By using the latest effects, you’ll be found by a much larger audience.

    Tiktok uploads new filters and effects weekly, so keep an eye on those so you can be one of the first to use them!

    If you’re one of the earliest to hop on a trend, users who search that trend later will see your video first! More views (and potential followers) for you!

    Utilise your captions

    Encourage user engagement by asking open-ended questions in your captions. Alternatively, the captions are also a great place to give users that extra value.

    Share important information in the caption, or use it to get people to watch your video all the way to the end. Especially if your’e only just about to get started on TikTok, do so with a bang by grabbing people’s attention. Just remember that you have a character limit in the captions. Short and sweet is best – especially since you still want room for those hashtags!

    NB: always keep your captions relevant to your video, as the algorithm can pick up if they aren’t!

    Engage with your community

    No better way to encourage people to engage with you than by connecting personally. Reply to every comment and promote discussion. The more interaction you get on each of your videos, the more the algorithm with show it to other people. This is why you want to ask people questions in the comments, so they’ll comment even more on that video!

    Plus, connecting on a personal level will keep your followers coming back. It might also introduce you to other creators or brands with whom you can collaborate in future!

    Keep an eye on the completion rate

    Even if you have a lot to say, try to keep your videos short. The algorithm favours videos with a high completion rate – meaning viewers watch until the end. If you have a pro account, you’ll be able to see the average completion rate per video in your video analytics.

    Often, viewers will only watch a few seconds of a video before scrolling on to the next. You’ll either really need to grab their attention and keep them there, or simply shorten your videos so they get to the end sooner. Remember to include only a single idea in a single video.

    It’s also helpful to employ a narrative structure. Keep those viewers invested with the age-old power of storytelling!

    Let the algorithm work for you

    Again, this app does most of the work for you. If you’re sticking to your niche, using trending sounds and hashtags, and making good quality content, you’ll have no trouble growing with TikTok.

    Tiktok will never shadowban you, so if your reach isn’t what you want it to be, look at the video itself, and what you can improve. Could it be shorter? Is the lighting bad? How about hooking people with a more impactful intro?

    Have a look at the trends and hashtags your competitors are hopping onto. Can you employ any of those? could you do them better?

    The algorithm, on TikTok anyway, is your friend. And that’s more than you can say for most of the other social media apps these days.

    Be consistent

    Consistency is key. Post regularly. Post within your niche. Keep your quality at the same level (unless you’re improving!). Engage as much as you can on your videos and others’. The app will reward you being using it well, and your followers will appreciate that you don’t disappear for five months between videos.

    See? It’s not that hard at all to get started on TikTok. I hope these tops are helpful, and that they inspire you to get out there and show the world your creative vision!

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