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funny tweets about being a millennial
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18 Funny Tweets That Only Millennials Will Understand

Adulthood is something that’s seriously lacking a Youtube Tutorial video. If you feel like you’re not doing it right, that’s OK. We all feel that way. And we have the tweets to prove it. Here are 20 funny tweets that you can only really relate to once you hit…well… our ripe old age.

You can already find articles about both of these on our site. It’s time to accept that from now on, you’re just going to spend all day, every day, wishing you could take a nap.

Sometimes I can’t wait to go to my room because it means I’m probably going to sleep at last.

The people need to know though. This is the hard-hitting, important stuff.

Can we talk about Ancient Aliens now?

It’s just because by now our phones are actually attached to our hands.

And then you level up by realising that you actually like Fleetwood Mac.

It’s extra hard when you’re part of a generation that doesn’t use their phone as an actual phone.

So, in case you hadn’t realised by now, none of us have a manual and we’re all just winging it – according to these funny tweets by fellow millennials, anyway.

And perhaps that’s okay. As long as you remember to pay your bills on time and make your own dentist appointments.

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