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    TikTok Hack: How To Turn a Tank Top Into A Skirt

    When this year started, many of us were hesitant to avoid making New Year’s resolutions. In fact, the term had become synonymous with promises we wouldn’t be able to keep as the pandemic continued to ruin our plans. So, like most, I kept my goals for the year humble and well within reach. One of the small resolutions I did make was not to buy clothes unless I absolutely needed them. It made sense at the time, what with lockdowns and all keeping us at home. It’s with that in mind that I’ve been embracing a new and prominent part of our digital culture: the TikTok Hack.

    From ways to cook your macaroni, to how to curl your hair without heat, these trends have become something of a personal challenge. The pressure to try each one out is so strong, that I’m likely to drop everything I’m doing just to find out, without delay, if it really works. The latest TikTok trend to catch my eye, especially considering my frugal New Year’s promise was how to turn a tank top into a skirt.

    The hack was made popular by TikToker @kalechng and the procedure is pretty simple: 1. Flip the tank top backwards (so the front is facing you); 2. Crisscross the straps; 3. Step into it, as you would an actual a skirt. And voila! Now you have a skirt, that used to be a top, that you didn’t even have to go out and buy.

    What I learned after rushing off to try this hack was that not every tank top is going to work Especially if you have wider hips, getting into the DIY skirt might be a challenge, and you’ll need a very stretchy top to get it right. And speaking of stretch, there’s a chance you wont be able to wear your tank top as a tank top again once you’ve stretched it enough to get your hips through it.

    If you’re tired of your wardrobe and want to mix it up a bit without spending a cent, try out this simple TikTok hack. Better yet, keep an eye on our site so that when I post the next hack I become obsessed with, you can become obsessed with me!

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