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when to work out during ramadan
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When To Work Out During Ramadan

Maintaining a fitness regimen is hard work for most people. It takes dedication, time management, and commitment. And now tha it’s Ramadan, for many of us it’s even tougher. For those of us who haven’t had to adjust to waking up before the sun rises and then fasting throughout the day, it’s hard to imagine the challenges of maintaining our fitness regimen in between. Luckily, one trainer has figured out how to make it a little bit easier. Nesrine Dally — a British Nike trainer, shares what she believes is the best time to work out during Ramadan.

Although it will differ according to your personal schedule and preference, Dally finds the best time to work out during Ramadan is an hour or two before iftar. This will allow your body to rehydrate and refuel after your workout.

If you do have to train after iftar, she told PopSugar, try breaking your fast with a small meal (like water, dates, and some healthy protein and carbs) just to give you some energy for your workout. Then, after you’ve gotten your sweat in, you can continue to hydrate and eat something more substantial once your workout is done.

While it may seem practical to get your workout in earlier in the day, Dally argues that this could leave you dehydrated and low on energy throughout the day. She advises avoiding training in the morning or at lunch time if it can be avoided but admits that we’re all different. If that’s what works best for your body, then there’s no need to make changes.

According to Dally, working our during Ramadan should be considered “maintenance”. The purpose is to maintain a good level of base strength and conditioning. For that reason, she advises focusing on sessions that are shorter and low-impact. She also recommends using bodyweight moves or using light weights – instead of trying to break all your personal records – in this time.

Finally, talking to Popsugar, she suggests prioritizing strength training during Ramadan as it’s “the best way to reduce muscle loss during the month, maintain a good level of strength, and keep the body resilient and ready to resume your schedule post-Ramadan.”

Training during Ramadan will mean making some (more) adjustments to your usual schedule, but hopefully this advice will make staying on track a little bit easier going forward.

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