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    too many tabs open google chrome hack
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    Too Many Tabs Open? This Quick Google Chrome Hack Will Up Your Productivity

    If you’re anything like me, the top of your Google Chrome browser is frequently packed full of tabs you opened with very good intentions – many of which you’ve forgotten about, and some you just forgot to close. It seems like such a small thing, but having all these tabs open can become confusing – not to mention messy – and this can hinder productivity. Finally, though, Google Chrome has come up with a solution to the problem of tab inundation. If you’re one of those people that constantly has too many tabs open, this super quick Google Chrome hack will make a massive difference to your digital work space .


    Organize all the tabs into groups in google chrome 🙌🏼 #distancelearning #learnontiktok

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    This game-changing new feature is a blessing for those of us who organise our physical diaries – because yes, we still buy those – using colour coded sticky tabs. It creates order in the chaos and makes your slew of open tabs look a little bit cuter.

    All you have to do is right click on any of your tabs ( you can hold shift to select multiple) and right click. Select “Add Tab to New Group”, and pick a colour and a name. To add other tabs to a group, simply drag and trop them with their buddies, or right click and “Add Tab To Group”. It couldn’t be easier!

    The best part is that once you’ve done this, you can expand or minimise the groups you’re not dealing with so that the top of your screen is free to display the ones you are using. Even if you do still have too many tabs open, they’ll be tucked away where they can’t distract you.

    This is a great way to arrange your tabs in order of priority or category, so you don’t have top open a bunch later to seek out the one you want. Once you give it a go, it’s likely you won’t be able to live without it ever again. I’ve been testing it out for a day, and already I’m not sure how I got anything done before.

    As a tip from one tab hoarder to another, while you’re arranging and colour coding, it may be a good idea to close any tabs that have been lingering there for weeks. If you haven’t looked at it since January, it’s unlikely that you ever will.

    Happy Googling, everybody!

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