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Easter nail art ideas


Cute Easter Nail Art Ideas For Flashy Festive Fingertips

Easter is underrated. It’s not treated with the same festive vigour as Christmas, Valentine’s Day, or Halloween and yet, it’s possibly our cutest holiday. You don’t need to be a devout, church-going Christian to enjoy it either. Take a leaf out of Japan’s book – they’ll take any excuse for a celebration despite being a largely secular nation, and around this time places like Starbucks and Disneyland release rabbit or chocolate egg themed beverages and treats. And who doesn’t love all the chocolate that goes on sale right after Easter? Here are some adorable Easter nail art ideas to have you hopping into the holidays no matter your religious affiliations (or lack thereof).

Bring out the bunnies

It’s all about these cute, fluffy easter mascots. Here are a few of our favourites.

Easter Egg nails

If rodents aren’t your thing, how about cute, colourful eggs? Toss them all in one basket, or treat each nail like an individual easter egg! Possibilities are endless.

Festive floral Easter nail art

Easter is essentially a holiday about rebirth, and as it coincides with spring in the northern hemisphere, what better way to celebrate it than with a floral motif? Flowers never go out of style, and you’ll blow everyone away at your Easter brunch or egg hunt with these cute designs!

Whether you get your nails done at a salon, or do them yourself at home, these Easter nail art ideas are sure to give you a little festive inspiration for your next design! It’s time to get creative…and then go eat some chocolate!

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