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Poisoned Love


Poisoned Love Causes All The Warm Fuzzy Feelings

China is the master of television that makes you feel all the things: the heart swells and flutters in the chest; the eyes brim with tears; one feels the uncontrollable urge to giggle out loud. Though these may sound like symptoms of some kind of illness, when they come with endearing (and remarkably attractive) characters and a gripping plot, they’re exactly what we’re looking for. Once again, China has shown off the fact that they’ve figured out the recipe to heart-warming drama with poisoned Love ( : 恋爱吧,食梦君!).

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Like many others of its ilk, Poisoned Love follows the story of a girl – voice actress Fang Yan (Ma Meng Wei) – caught in a complicated Love triangle with two bafflingly attractive brothers with whom she also has to work on a film. Furthermore, due to some unrealistic and bizarre circumstances, she’s forced to move in with the elder of the two, Shi Meng (Ao Rui Peng), who’s the producer of the film. To put the cherry on the cake, she also suffers from an impossible health condition which causes her to start sleep-walking every time she gets a fright. Once you can overlook the absurdity of it all, it’s pure magic.

Clad in chic turtle necks and expensive-looking coats, Shi Meng – who has a high IQ but apparently zero EQ – battles to win the Fang Yan’s heart while she’s simultaneously being wooed by charming celebrity heartthrob Shi Yi (Luo Zheng). Unbeknownst to everyone in the story, Fang Yan is already in love with Shi Meng, but she believes he has no interest in her. Furthermore, they all believe Shi Yi can cure her weird somnambulism thing, and so she maintains her distance.

It’s a tale as old as…well, as old as Chinese dramas, but that doesn’t make Poisoned Love any less exciting ( and often frustrating) to watch. In fact, it scratches a lot of itches left behind by the ending of other dramas we loved. There’s a brief lull in the excitement when Shi Meng and Fang Yan do get together, but the plot continues, of course, soon after that. Things can never be straightforward in the world of Chinese dramas, after all.

Poisoned Love is one of those guilty pleasures that you’ll find yourself unable to let go of even after you’ve finished the series. The characters become so familiar and loved that losing them feels akin to having a close friend move away. Don’t expect the plot to bee overly intellectual – this kind of series never is – but you can expect to enjoy all the warm, tingly feelings that usually accompanies them.

To watch Poisoned Love you’ll need to visit the iQiYi website, or download the app on your phone.

Essential Millennial Rating: 4 out of 5 avocados

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