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    Behind Her eyes


    Behind Her Eyes & The Plot Twist(s) of the Decade

    Netflix has gone and done it again: released a show that left us hooked, clicking “next episode” in a desperate attempt to unravel the plot that was, ostensibly, unfolding before us. Behind Her Eyes is a chilling, wild ride of twists and turns that leave viewers gasping, covering their eyes, and furrowing their brow in confusion – all in a single episode. Here’s what we thought.

    If you haven’t yet watched Behind Her Eyes, what on earth are you waiting for? This is the series everyone’s been talking about – in hushed tones, as there certainly is a truck load of potential spoilers. It’s easy to see why it’s hooked us all, though, and why it goes on our list of essential Netflix viewing this season.

    The supernatural psychological thriller follows the story of a single mother, as she – accidentally – begins an affair with the man who turns out to be her new boss. Things become complicated as, unbeknownst to him, she simultaneously strikes up a close friendship with his lonely and mysterious wife. The love triangle quickly becomes more sinister as she uncovers the real reason the couple moved to her town, and she can’t help but entangle herself further in their secrets.

    The actors pull off their roles seamlessly, pulling the viewer into their world so effectively that, once the episodes end, it’s hard to come back out of it. Reviews of the show, however, have been mixed. Some reviewers lament the fact that the series ” switches genres”, while others claim its plot becomes “too ridiculous to take even half as seriously as the show takes itself”.

    Writing for Vulture, Jen Chancy says “the last episode of this show jumps onto such a completely different track from where it started that I am not sure whether Behind Her Eyes should be oddly admired for its audacity or laughed completely off the platform. I am in the middle, but leaning a tad closer to option B”.

    Behind Her Eyes Netflix Review
    Eve Hewson as Adele in Behind Her Eyes

    While some find the shows leap away from reality absurd, other reviewers have praised Behind Her Eyes as an “entertaining magic trick of a TV show, so confident in its incongruous genre mashup that you won’t be able to look away”. Indeed, the series does throw in a bombshell of a genre change at the eleventh hour, but if you’re open minded about that little switch, you’re in for a treat.

    Admittedly, the final episode feels a little rushed and leaves us with more questions than answers – and after all the plot twists one comes to feel one warrants a few answers – but the less you think about it, the more you’ll enjoy it. Trust me.

    This reviewer believes the show’s genre hopping-guessing-game of plot twists adds to its strength. It’s chaotic, yes, but beautifully made, with a killer soundtrack and exceptional performances. The element of the supernatural is the seasoning on top of what would – even as a conventional story – have been a gripping tale. And this is a hill this reviewer will die on.

    So if you’re looking for something that will make an excellent binge, surprise you and confuse you a little, Behind Her Eyes will do the trick.

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