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Top 5 New Games Coming To Xbox Series X

As we migrate into the next generation of consoles, we may be a little frustrated by having to play older games that don’t get the most out of our brand new, high performance machines. So we’re taking a look at some of the best new games coming to Xbox that’ll blow your mind.

NextGen consoles are finally here, after what felt like years of waiting, and we’re beyond excited! However, for the lucky few who’ve managed to get their hands on an Xbox Series X/S, it’s been depressing to find out that there are no games that are actually harnessing the superior capabilities of these remarkable consoles.

There’s no doubt that the Series X’s specs are mind-blowing. “The Series X processor, for instance, is powerful enough to run four Xbox One S game sessions simultaneously. Ray Tracing – a major point of pride for both Xbox Series X and PS5 – is also delivering apparently incredible results,” ays IGN‘s Joe Skrebeels.

What we can have no doubts about, though, is that the best is certainly yet to come. Developers can now take a giant leap forward, creating games with graphics and performance that’ll make gaming truly look and feel like real life. The question is, what are the new games coming to Xbox Series X that are going to satiate our appetites?

Halo Infinite

Publisher: Xbox Game Studios

Release date: Q3 2021

Exclusive?: No, also on Xbox One and Windows 10


Halo Infinite was due to be released with the Xbox Series X and Series S launches, but development was disrupted by COVID-19. The long and the short of it is that by Q3 of 2021, the Master Chief will be making his return after five years. However, Infinite will be quite different from the earlier instalments of arguably the greatest video game franchise ever. As can be expected, the visuals and game engine will be taking a massive step forwards and there are new features, such as a grappling hook, that would make a big difference not only to combat, but to getting around in general.

The biggest change, however, will be that Halo Infinite seems to be taking on a more open-world feel, with bigger maps and freedom to tackle objectives in your own order. This will likely split opinions and may not please some fans of the earlier iterations of Halo. But the fact that developers are taking the risk with this “spiritual reboot”, rather than rest on their laurels seems to be a good sign.

Forza Motorsport 8

Publisher: Turn10

Release date: TBC

Exclusive?: No, also on Xbox One


While we can’t be certain of how long it will take before we get our hands on the latest instalment in the highly popular Forza franchise, we can say that it looks absolutely stunning and looks set to become a benchmark in terms of fidelity and jaw-dropping realism. Getting behind the wheel of a Bugatti may feel like you’re in the real thing and we can’t wait to get our hands on it.


Publisher: Playground Games

Release date: TBC

Exclusive?: No, also on Windows 10


Another franchise that holds a special place in people’s hearts dating back to the days of the original Xbox is Fable. Players will be able to make their return to Albion and choose between a path of good or evil – except it looks incredible. Fable‘s storyline and gameplay, mixed with the sheer potential of NextGen consoles is a truly exciting prospect and you can be sure to get hours and hours of gameplay out of this new instalment, especially considering that the storyline could change completely according to your decisions, meaning you can play it over and over again.

Dying Light 2

Publisher: Techland

Release date: TBC

Exclusive?: No, also on PS5, PS4, Xbox One and PC


Techland have yet to announce an official release date for Dying Light 2 but they have seem to have been pushing that date back, specifically to develop the sequel to the popular parkour zombie action-RPG for NextGen consoles. Furthermore, the graphics look incredible and jumping from building to building looks like a great deal of fun. The combat engine, along with new and improved weapons, also appears to have been completely revolutionised. It has all the makings of a NextGen zombie killer that will take our favourite pastime to a whole new level

Elder Scrolls VI: Redfall

Publisher: Bathesda

Release date: TBC

Exclusive?: No, also on PS5, Windows 10 (rumoured)


Naturally, you have to save the best for last… If you’re unfamiliar with the Elder Scrolls series, you should probably go back and play Skyrim (which has a remastered version on Gamepass right now). And it looks like Elder Scrolls VI: Redfall will bring back everything that made us fall in love with Skyrim but with stunning graphics that will take it to a brand new level. We can certainly expect tens if not hundreds of hours of captivating gameplay, like we did with earlier instalments, but with maps that have been cultivated right down to every last blade of grass.

So now that we know what we have to look forward to, we can feel reassured that we’re going to be treated to some incredible gaming experiences in the near future. And before we know it, the new games coming to Xbox Series X will be taking over our lives… so clear your social calendar and check out the Essential Millennial‘s Tech section for more updates and reviews for millennial gamers.

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