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    8 Sweet Recipes For Your Vegan Valentine

    It’s the month of love, and that means we’re inching closer and closer to Valentines day! Whether you have a significant other or are just spending it with your bestie, we’ve found a few great, festive recipes you can indulge in to spoil your Vegan Valentine.

    The Classic Chocolate Strawb:

    This one is probably the simplest recipe on this list, and yet it’s a hit every time. Paired with some bubbles, it’s one of the best additions to a romantic Valentine’s meal – plus, it looks pretty and is about the healthiest version of valentines chocolate you’ll find.

    This recipe takes that traditional chocolate strawberry to the next level by combining it with another V-day favourite – heart candies – but they’ll do less damage to your teeth.

    Vegan Vanilla Valentine Cupcakes

    No Every baker’s arsenal is complete without the simple, yet popular, vanilla cupcake. These humble delights can be used to celebrate any occasion, and Valentine’s day is no exception.

    The great thing about these is that they can be adjusted to be gluten free too, meaning they can really be enjoyed by anyone and everyone! If you need something that’s fairly diet friendly, but a little less simple than the strawberries above, give these a try!

    Chocolate covered strawberry cheesecake bites

    Need something a little more indulgent to impress your vegan valentine? These cashew cheesecake bites will save the day.

    Cashew cheesecake has a fantastic texture, and doesn’t leave you feeling icky after the way dairy cheesecake does. You can even replace the strawberry inside with any other berry if you’re looking for a little variety!

    Finally, the hard chocolate outer layer adds a textural dimension that is just perfection. Get the recipe here!

    Red Velvet shortbread cookies

    With its crumbly, tender texture, shortbread just hits different. That’s why this list wouldn’t be complete without a festive vegan V-day version!

    Beet puree is what gives them their lovely pink colour, so your valentine can feel satisfied that they’re also getting some veggies in while they indulge themselves! They’re also not overly sweet, and go beautifully with the chocolate drizzle that makes it extra cute.

    Get the recipe for these beautiful cookies here!

    Red Velvet Beet Pancakes 

    While we’re on the red velvet train, we may as well stick around. If you need a recipe with which to spoil your significant other with breakfast in bed, we’ve got you covered too (Or you could treat yourself to breakfast in bed. Why not? You’ll just have to get up to make it and then get back in bed)!

    As in the shortbread, these adorable pink pancakes use beets to add their colour, rather than unhealthy colourants. They’re also gluten free!

    Serve these with coconut whipped cream, maple syrup, or any other toppings of your choice. You deserve it!

    Gluten Free Vegan Cherry Pie

    Go the extra mile with this one. This cherry pie will seriously impress your partner, galentine, or family – whoever you’re celebrating with! It may even be so good you’d prefer to keep it to yourself.

    Cherry pie isn’t a common or traditional dessert in South Africa, so it’s a really special occasion when is is served. This recipe also allows for a lot of creativity when it comes to the design of the crust, so you can have some fun making it!

    Vegan Chocolate Mousse

    Another super simple treat, this vegan chocolate mousse uses only three ingredients! It’s decadent, without being a lot of work, and still delivers on taste and creamy texture.

    The longest part of the process is waiting for the mousse to chill in the fridge, but having to be a little patient makes the end result taste all that much sweeter. If you’re not into all the fuss of baking an elaborate tart, try this one out. Your partner will still be delighted…and if they’re not, they should get a PCR test done immediately because they’ve clearly lost their sense of taste.

    Vegan dark chocolate and red wine cake

    We’ve saved the most indulgent, and the strongest aphrodisiac, for last! This cake will knock the socks off whoever you’re trying to impress.

    This cake is rich, and smooth, and the perfect way to celebrate a day that’s all about love and romance. Use a good red wine in it, and you’ll be glad you did.

    Unusually, it uses sweet potato in the frosting, so again, you’ll be glad to know you and your valentine are also getting some extra veggies in!

    Try out this recipe this Valentine’s day…if you dare.

    Valentine’s day is all about displays of affection. While you could choose do do those by spending a lot of money, it can be a lot more meaningful if you put in a little time and effort to make your partner or friend something tasty, to show them what a treat they really are.

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