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ideas for Valentine's Day
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5 Romantic Ideas For Valentine’s Day At Home

In days gone by, the ideas that we came up for a romantic Valentine’s Day typically involved going out for dinner, going to the movies or going out to some effect or another. Now, staying home is the safe plan, and to help you make your Valentine’s Day special this year, we’ve come up with a few romantic ideas for Valentine’s Day at home.

Romantic dinner

Ideas for Valentine's Day

This one is a no-brainer. Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to indulge in some great, tasty food and sweet desserts… probably because you’re already in a relationship and can get away with carrying a little more weight. But this can be so much more than your typical restaurant experience. You can be actively involved in the process of making your meal… together.

It’s a great way for you to bond. Put on your favourite music, get lost in conversation AND enjoy the reward of a nice meal (find some ideas for awesome plant-based meals in the Essential Kitchen). But the real trick is in the dessert. Strawberries and cream, red velvet cupcakes, strawberry cheesecake… the possibilities with gluttonous Valentine’s Day-themed desserts are practically endless.

Home spa

Ideas for Valentine's Day

What better way to get into your partner’s good books than to prepare a home spa that allows them to unwind on this special day? And the fact that this doesn’t need to cost a fortune like a fancy spa would is pretty great for your finances. And the extra effort you put into pampering your partner will mean way more than paying someone else to do it.

Run a bubble bath, light some aromatherapy candles. Bath bombs are always delightful, and other beauty products like hair conditioners, mud masks and much more can make your partner feel both comfortable and confident in their appearance. Plus, giving each other back massages can really fire things up and create a physical connection that doubles as a display of affection and helps release tension that might otherwise have been a barrier to a happy Valentine’s Day.

Ballroom dancing

Ideas for Valentine's Day

Everyone likes to dance a bit – even if we really suck at it – and it is, as they say, a vertical representation of a horizontal desire. But with no venues to dance in any more, we’ve had to abandon that part of our lives while we wait for life to get back to normal (if it ever does). But that doesn’t mean you can’t make a plan to shift all of the furniture out of the way, put on some music and pull off your best Spanish salsa.

And even if your dance moves are bad and you’re falling all over the place, it can be quite fun to share this experience with your partner and laugh about it.

Garden picnic

Ideas for Valentine's Day

We all want to be outdoors to some degree and, of course, we miss being able to pack a picnic box with sandwiches and fruits and strawberries and all kinds of snacks, and spend some time outside, enjoying a few moments of peace and tranquility.

Some of us are blessed with nicer, bigger gardens than others… but there’s nothing stopping you from getting a blanket, laying it down wherever you can, pretending you’re somewhere else and just unplugging with your partner on Valentine’s Day in a natural setting.

However, especially if you live in the Northern Hemisphere, the weather may not be ideal for a picnic. So definitely make a contingency plan in case.

Cuddle up and watch movies

Ideas for Valentine's Day

I left this one for last on purpose.

Now that you’re practically forced to stay home, you could be struggling to find ideas for Valentine’s Day and it’s very easy to revert to a Netflix and Chill kind of scenario. But there’s also a line between doing the same old cuddle-movie combo (and whatever comes with it). You can’t just collapse into the couch, spoon a bit while watching The Avengers for the umpteenth time.

Put some real effort into it. Make popcorn and snacks, prepare drinks, put together a tower of cushions and blankets and make your partner as physically comfortable as possible. And, for goodness sake, put some thought into your movie choice. That chick flick that they’ve been begging you to watch for the last few months. Put up with the movie for just one evening and grind your teeth so that they can enjoy themselves and remember that you have to put them first on Valentine’s Day.

Hopefully these ideas for Valentine’s Day have been helpful and ignites a creative spark in you, so that you and your partner can have an incredibly special day that will be unforgettable. But there are only 10 days to go… so you better start planning now!

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