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Forget A Home Gym – You Only Need These 3 Pieces Of Equipment

Now that going to the gym has become a life-threatening endeavor, we all have to get our workouts at home. But breaking the bank buying new gym equipment isn’t necessary. You only need a few versatile pieces of gym equipment to get in a great workout that won’t bankrupt you.

Covid-19 has derailed far too many of our fitness regimes, and it should come as no surprise considering we’re spending less time on treadmills and no longer using machines that perfectly target the muscle groups you’re working on. Furthermore, adjusting to a home workout routine is no easy task, especially if you’re unfamiliar with your gym equipment. However, it’s possible to cultivate the right routine with the most basic equipment and just a bit of creativity. Here are three Essential pieces of equipment that you can use for your home workout:

Yoga mats

A yoga mat is essential for any home workout and the best thing about it is that you can get away with just having a yoga mat. There are plenty of exercises like planks, burpees, mountain climbers and a whole collection of stretching exercises that yoga mats help with. Not to mention actual yoga.

Check out Heather Robertson‘s Yoga Fusion HIIT workout for some inspiration on how to get the most out of a workout with nothing more than a yoga mat.


Like yoga mats, dumbbells and kettlebells are great baseline pieces of equipment that can be used in countless exercises to help pull off the strength training that you would usually be doing on machines. You can also use them to add an extra challenge to the yoga mat exercises we described above. Arm curls, chest presses, flyers, side bends and lunges are among the very simple exercises that you can do to target the muscles you want to grow. We’ve already written about some great dumbbell exercises that you should integrate into your daily routine, but if you’d like a little more inspiration, I’d recommend ATHLEAN-X‘s routine for the best dumbbell exercises. And, for those who prefer kettlebells, you can just substitute them in instead.

Resistance bands

Resistance bands are an amazing substitute for cable machines and, if you tie them to something, you can achieve the same movements that you miss so much from the gym. And better yet, they aren’t particularly strenuous on your body, which is why they’re so frequently used for rehabilitation exercises. You can target your back, shoulders, rotator cuffs, legs and just about anything you can think of. By simply changing the angle of exercises you’re doing by moving the part of your resistance band that’s fastened onto whatever, or by shifting it upwards or downwards, you can target different muscles.HASfit created a 30 minute full body resistance workout that I suggest you use for inspiration to curate your own workout.

And there you have it – you can get so, so, so much done with these three pieces of the most basic gym equipment. They are truly dynamic and will have you asking yourself if you even really need to go to the gym.

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