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    Purposeful Living: How I Dealt With Obstacles This Week

    This week’s purposeful living program introduced us to a few techniques about overcoming obstacles. And this is my personal account of my experiences this week.

    On Monday, we took you through our life coach, Bianca van Wyk‘s third video in her 12-part series on Purposeful Living, a video about overcoming obstacles. Over the week, we’ve taken time to apply some of the useful tips from the video and this is an account on how it played out.

    I took some time to think about my fears and considerations in the context of my goal to grow my blog (this blog) into something big enough to make a full time living.

    So what do I need to consider?

    Firstly, it requires a lot of work, spending ±8 hours a day, every weekday. Secondly, it’s going to require a capital investment that I can’t afford. Thirdly, I lack the expertise and don’t have a team of specialists to improve my website, increase social media presence and market.

    Then I broke down my fear, which is that my blog will fail, and asked:

    What is my fear? That my blog will stagnate and fail.

    Why would it fail? I lack expertise or resources. Why don’t I have the expertise or resources? I’m a journalist, not a web developer and I don’t have an affinity for it. And I don’t have access to capital or labour, outside of myself and the other person working on this blog (the better half), Melissa, who’s also not a web developer.

    Why not do it yourself? I don’t want to mess up what I’ve already got.

    Suddenly, it helps me realise that I already have something… there has already been a lot of time put into this blog, on a consistent basis, with very little reward. I don’t have anything to fear, knowing that I’m capable of building the foundations. And even if I don’t pull it off… I’ve still got a decent platform and can keep trying. So then, let’s consider my roadblocks. I need either labour or resources to pay someone for their labour.

    What if

    Blog: My blog doesn’t grow

    The blog audience stagnates and/or starts to shrink? I will have to try different strategies and/or change my content.

    What if that content doesn’t work? I’ll have to look into improving through making changes to the website’s front and back-end development.

    What if I can’t afford it? I’ll have to teach myself through Udemy/YouTube etc.

    So worst case scenario, it will take longer and I may not reach my goal on time, but it means I might at least be able to gain new skills, and the worst thing I have to do is look for another job, with some additional and highly valuable skills.

    Having unpacked my problems like this, it made me realise that my fears are largely inconsequential and the risks are still minimal. But the sheer ability to consistently work on it has real value for me in an intangible, but still important way. I’d have experience in the granular mechanisms behind digital media that would be applicable elsewhere, at worst.

    And, for now, the blog is growing, so it seems like I’m on track and it makes me feel confident about it, in addition to the fears that I understand better. Bianca’s techniques have help me to unpack my problems, be more aware of them and put more consideration into my steps forward.

    I can, therefore, confirm that Bianca has helped me out big time on this. Having considered all of these factors that can and probably will prove to be obstacles to reaching my goals, I am able to return to the drawing board, in a sense, and anticipate these problems, handling, applying last week’s personal management techniques again to ensure that my road to achieving my goals is a bit smoother. And I can only imagine that the additional confidence and a better understanding of my fears can improve my productivity.

    I highly recommend that you put the time in to make considerations, address your fears and tackle roadblocks. I’m eagerly anticipating next week’s principle. My first quarter of the 12 week purposeful living program has left me feeling significantly better about myself, my aspirations and my potential to be successful.

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