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Malema open borders


Malema Calls For Open Borders & Postponing Elections

EFF Leader, Julius Malema has called for South Africa to open its borders to foreign nationals, and for the reopening of schools and elections to be postponed.

Speaking during the party’s briefing on Thursday, Malema expressed his support for open borders and called on foreign nationals to find “creative” means of entering the country and claimed that it’s futile to try and stop it.

“If the gates are not going to be open for SADC (Southern African Development Community), fellow SADC people, please, find a creative way. This is your home. Your families are here. There is no way anyone is going to close you out here,” Malema said, according to IOL.

“Whether you close the border or not, the Lesotho people are going to come into SA and they are going to come through an unregulated process without being tested and without being processed because fools have closed the gate where there is no fence,” he continued.

He pointed that it was South Africans returning from Italy that resulted in the Covid-19 outbreak.

“The disease did not come through Zimbabwe or Lesotho. It came from Italy. It is white people who brought the disease here and we said to the government, ‘quarantine these people and isolate them’. Because they were white, they did not isolate them.”

Malema also urged the government to postpone elections until a time where it is possible to undertake political campaigns.

“We reiterate our call for the consolidation of the electoral system in South Africa, to one set of elections where Local and National Government Elections are conducted at once. It becomes more important during this pandemic, where we find ourselves unable to objectively conduct free and fair elections.

“As things stand, COVID-19 has made all of our lives unpredictable, a situation which undermines each and every political party’s ability to engage with voters, due to fear of participating in the massive spread of the virus.

“We, therefore, call for all elections, by-elections and Local Government Elections to be postponed up until 2024, as elections can be regarded as a super spreader event.”

Finally, Malema said that the new school year needs to be postponed in the interests of protecting children’s lives.

“We further call for the postponement of the reopening of all schools in light of the spike in new COVID-19 infections and uncontrollable rate of COVID-19 related deaths,” Malema said, according to EWN. “As the EFF, we oppose the gambling of the lives of children, to a virus that all of humanity is yet to properly understand.

“It will be extremely painful when families start losing their children because as leaders we failed to respect the situation we find ourselves in and preserve the future of our nation.”

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