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    12 Steps To Living Purposeful Living In 12 Weeks

    The new year always comes with new goals, new challenges and a new lease on life. So we’ve decided to embark on a 12 week journey to learn the principles of purposeful living.

    During my endless tirades on Twitter, I’ve crossed paths with Business Coach and Training Facilitator, Bianca van Wyk, who invited her followers to join a “12 week Purposeful Life Program”, which would involve learning about the principles for living a purposeful life. Bianca’s offering, although free, will hopefully help me achieve my personal goals for the year by pushing my discipline to its absolute limit, while also providing the opportunity to be held accountable for whatever my failures and shortcomings may be between now and the end of March.

    And, as Bianca spreads this message and program to a wider community, I would like to encourage Essential Millennial readers to join me on my journey with Bianca and her committed community as we all look ahead to taking on the curveballs that 2021 has to throw at us. Yesterday, the introductory YouTube video was released*, discussing Bianca’s vision for the Purposeful living program.

    *The first episode in the series is still to be released, but we will be covering it as soon as it’s published.

    Purposeful living is not something that’s easily achieved and, rather than trying to tackle the colossal challenges of life on our own, strength in numbers is what’s going to take us forwards. However, before we take on that challenge, we need to practice a little bit of introspection.

    This week, Bianca asked us to fill in a questionaire that can give us an idea about ourselves, our willingness to take on new challenges and our propensity to follow through.
    Purposeful Living questionnaire

    Once you’ve answered your questions (don’t think too hard about your answers and be honest), tally up your points and divide them by 10 and send your score back to Bianca, if you’re joining us on the journey to self-improvement.

    The easiest way to do this would be to DM Bianca on Twitter and let her know that you want to be added to her Twitter group.

    For the next 12 weeks, I will be journaling about my journey through the purposeful living program every Monday to relay the YouTube videos to our audience, while on Fridays I will report on my progress through the week. We hope you can join us on this journey and if you’d like to read more about the best ways to live your millennial life, visit our lifestyle section for everything from trends to movie reviews to recipes. Return to the Essential Millennial tomorrow where we will be looking at Bianca’s first video.

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