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11 Coal Miners Abducted & Killed By Militants In Pakistan

A group of miners working in the southwestern Balochistan province of Pakistan, who were part of an ethnic minority, have been abducted and killed in what has been described as an “act of terrorism.”

The miners, who were from the minority Hazara ethnic community in Pakistan, were attacked in their camp, Liaquat Shahwani. They were working for a private contractor on a project to extract coal from a mine in the district, according to a provincial government spokesperson, and were abducted, hand-cuffed, and tied late on Saturday night. Afterward, they were shot and killed from point-blank range, according to Xinhua News, with some of the victims being slain by sharp knives.

“Initially the investigation indicated that the killed labourers may be from other provinces and were killed on the basis of nationalism, but the final probe revealed that the victims were from ethnic Hazara community, further investigation is being made to check if there were some sectarian motives behind the targeted killing of the armless labourers,” the spokesperson said.

No group or individual has come forward to take credit for the attacks as of yet.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Imran Khan spoke out against what he described as “another cowardly inhumane act of terrorism,” before calling upon security forces to use all resources to apprehend the killers and bring them to justice. He also vowed to take care of the victims’ families.

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