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    WHO: New Variant Of COVID-19 “Under Control”

    With a new strain of COVID-19 spreading through the UK and South Africa, the WHO has assured the public that they have the situation “under control”.

    The new variant of the coronavirus, which has a much higher rate of transmission, was discovered in the United Kingdom, where officials are saying it is 70 percent more transmissible than the main strain.

    However, emergencies chief, Michael Ryan, has made public assurances that the WHO has the new variant of COVID-19 under control.

    “We have had a much higher (contamination rate) at different points in this pandemic and we’ve got it under control,” he said in a press conference, according to eNCA. “So this situation is not in that sense out of control. But it cannot be left to its own devices.”

    This follows a statement from UK Health Secretary, Matt Hancock, who said that the new strain is “out of control”.

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    “The measures we currently have in place are the correct measures,” Ryan said. “We need to do what we have been doing, we may just have to do it with a little more intensity and for a little longer to make sure we can bring this virus under control.”

    In an effort to curb the spread of this new variant of COVID-19, roughly 30 countries have closed their borders to the UK and South Africa.

    “In some senses, it means we have to work harder,” Ryan said. “Even if the virus has become a little bit more efficient in spreading, the virus can be stopped.”

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