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Hardest home workouts
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Are These The Hardest Home Workouts On Youtube?

Now that we’ve dealt with the lockdown weight gain, it’s time to prepare for the looming Christmas season – and all the food that comes with it. In the Northern hemisphere, people have months of sweater-wearing to disguise the aftermath of their yuletide festivities. Not so here in the south, where Christmas parties and swimsuit season coincide. Not to worry, we’ve found what just may be the hardest home workouts on Youtube so you can get back on top form without even having to risk facing the pandemic in the gym.

hardest home workouts

Caroline Girvan’s 10 Week EPIC program is brutal (in the best way), entirely free on youtube, and all you’ll need is a pair of dumbbells at whatever weight you can manage. She also has a beginner program – highly advisable for those who haven’t already grown accustomed to fairly intense workouts. The EPIC program is not for the faint hearted – did someone say pistol squat burpees? – and anyone who goes into the programme thinking it’s going to be an easy ride is in for a nasty surprise. The workouts also come with a nifty PDF to guide you through the entire process, which you can download – also free!– at

If you need any convincing that EPIC will push you to your limits, simply observe the way the sweet-looking Girvan manages to get through her workouts with a 12.5 kg dumbbell in each hand – It’s highly inspiring. Not to mention you could cut diamonds on her abs.

To any men who think the exercises in Girvan’s programme won’t be enough for them – I dare you to try. Give it a week, and if you can complete every workout without pausing the video to catch your breath, or crying in the foetal position, congratulations, Superman, you’ve earned those boasting rights. In that case maybe you should be making the new hardest home workout video on Youtube.

So time to stop flopping around on your yoga mat, half-heartedly following along to youtube workouts that don’t make you feel like you’ve really worked. Let’s up our game and push our limits as we stride into 2021, and maybe we’ll send a message to the incoming year that – unlike 2020 – it can’t mess with us.


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