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Our Local Offers Tasty Treats & Delicious Monsters

Imagine a place in which you can sip cappuccino and enjoy a slice of cake in a comfy armchair, nestled simultaneously in a greenhouse full of flourishing plants. Imagine also, that if you became particularly fond of one of the afore-mentioned plants, you could purchase it and take it home to place in your living room, where it will really pull the whole room together – the proverbial cherry on your interior design cake. Well, you can stop imagining, and actually visit this wonderland at Our Local in Cape Town.

The essentials:

Where: 117 Kloof Street, Cape Town

When: Tuesday – Sunday 9AM – 3PM


Situated on Kloof Street, Our local brings together the experiences of visiting an antique store, a plant nursery, and a coffee shop in a way that sounds chaotic on paper, but blends seamlessly into one unique and delightful brunch experience. There are chairs hanging from the ceiling, a bicycle on the wall, and plants wherever you look, but the atmosphere is one of calm and comfort.

The peaceful environment makes it an excellent spot to get some work done, or to read a good book while enjoying the water trickling in the fountain behind you (we all know how Cape Town people love to bring a pretentious and philosophical read with them when they get their flat white). Not to mention the light streaming through the ceiling keeps it well lit – great for reading. If you need a place to host a private dinner event, it doesn’t get much lovelier than here.

Breakfast is served from 9-2, and the menu has something for everyone, including a range of avocado toasts which should tickle the fancy of millennial visitors. Though when I visited Our Local, there were no vegan cakes on offer, they did have a mouth-watering gluten free options and all of there beverages can be adjusted to include non-dairy milk alternatives.

If you like to visit cafes for the coffee, the ambience, the customer service, to get some cute pictures for your social media, or even for a combination of all of those factors, this spot will check all your boxes. It’s a great spot to relax with friends, to take a date, or to treat your mother for a little brunch on the weekend. If you haven’t already checked it out, it needs to be added to your bucket lists immediately.

Your only problem, should you choose to seat yourself in one of the comfortable arm chairs and not around the large table in the centre of the cafe, is that you may get too comfortable and risk falling asleep in front of everyone else in the room. Personally, that’s a risk I’m willing to take.

Our local truly makes its guests feel as if they’ve been transported away from the hustle and bustle of the city, and into somewhere completely magical. It’s also somewhat inconspicuous along Kloof street – its interior being somewhat hidden by lush foliage that give no hint as to what lies behind it – and as a result, it truly is a hidden gem.

Essential Millennial Rating: 4.5 out of 5 avocados

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