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    Lil Nas X Dropped a Christmas Single & We’re Here For It

    Every artist worth their salt – and many who aren’t – has released a Christmas album or, at the very least, a Christmas Single. Mariah Carey’s All I want for Christmas is you creeps back onto the charts every December, WHAM!’s Last Christmas is on repeat in every supermarket from October to January, and Snoop Dogg’s holiday album, Christmas in the Dogg House… Well, it exists. Now, country/hip-hop artist Lil Nas X has jumped on board the holiday sled and released his own Christmas single, Holiday, – and we’re not entirely opposed to the idea.

    Most of the Christmas jams inflicted upon us are relics from the nineties and earlier. Though there’s nothing wring with a good classic (except when it’s played nine times at your Christmas lunch) the genre has been crying out for a banger to bring it back to life for years – never more so than in this excruciating year of 2020. Last week, lil Nas X came through with the yuletide salvation we needed, when he released a music video teaser trailer featuring a drunken Santa, time travel, and Michael J Fox (or rather, Marty McFly).

    Little Nas X’s Holiday‘s video trailer is a nod to Back to the Future III as well as Lil Nas X’s previous country/hip-hop hit Old Town Road, which still has most of us singing along when it comes on the radio. The premise of the video involves a drunken Santa Clause, who gets chucked out of an old Western Saloon for being too drunk. Lil Nas X has to take over Santa’s sleigh ( of course he can’t drive in that state) and go off to save Christmas.

    The single, the official video for which was released Friday, couldn’t really be called a Christmas single if it weren’t for the music video, which takes the yuletide spirit to…some other place. It’s catchy, but something tells me if Lil Nas X came down the chimney with his robot reindeer and his white contacts in (serving Hopsin lewks) kids would run screaming.

    Well, let’s get to the point shall we:

    2020 has been a rough time, and heck knows we all need a little Christmas miracle. If we can’t get that, perhaps a quirky new Christmas jam to shout along to at the end of our social distancing Christmas parties will, at the very least, lift our spirits as we usher in the new year.

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