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    Try This 60-Second Mask Hack for Better Protection

    [dropcap]M[/dropcap]asks are ubiquitous now – a fact that nobody would have predicted at the start of this year. If you’ve already got a nice collection of washable cloths masks, good for you! They’re way better for the environment than disposable paper masks, and a lot of them are actually super cute. If, however, you are still using paper masks, we found this quick, 60 second mask hack that can improve its fit and efficacy.

    This quick trick ensures your mask is fitting more snugly on your face, with fewer of those gaping holes on the sides near your cheeks. It was shared by dentist Dr. Olivia Cuid on TikTok, and has been raking in the views. You could probably try it on your cloth masks too if their design allows for it! It’s especially helpful for people with smaller faces.


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    ♬ original sound – Dr. Olivia

    Dr Cuid’s easy steps are to

    • Wash your hands well
    • Fold your mask in half (top to bottom)
    • Tie a knot with the ear loops on each side as close to the mask as you can
    • Open up the mask
    • tuck the corners that stick out under and into the hole next to the ear loops
    • Rock  your now better-fitting mask and maintain social distancing

    We hope this simple 60 second mask hack comes in handy as things start opening up and people get more comfortable venturing into the world and exploring the new normal.



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