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    New Record Of 300,000 COVID-19 Cases Reported By WHO

    The WHO reported a new record for the number of new COVID-19 cases recorded in a single day. More than 300,000 were freshly diagnosed with the coronavirus, with the biggest increases reported in India, the US and Brazil.

    The record of 307,930 reported over 24 hours exceeds the previous record of 306,857 new infections on 6 September. With more than 6.5 million cases in the US, over 4.8 million in India and over 4.3 million cases in Brazil, the total cases reported worldwide was 28,996,407 at the time of writing, according to Johns Hopkins. And it is India whose cases are spiralling out of control. India reported over 90,000 cases yesterday, followed by over 45,000 new cases reported in the US and more than 43,000 in Brazil. With an average of 64,000 new cases per day in India, it recorded 84% hike from average daily cases in July, according to official data reported by BBC. More than 5,500 people lost their lives after being diagnosed with COVID-19 yesterday, taking the global death toll to 923,883.

    Meanwhile, countries in Europe appear to be facing a second wave of infections and recorded record figures in the wake of its resurgence, with more than 25,000 new cases per 100,000 people being reported in the UK, over 75,000 in France and almost 150,000 in Spain. Peru, Israel, South Korea and Australia have also experienced a resurge in the number of cases. Renewed lockdown restrictions are being opposed in these regions.

    New Zealand, on the other hand, will be lifting all COVID-19 restrictions, with the exception of its capital city and virus epicentre, Auckland. Only 1,798 cases and 24 deaths have been recorded throughout the island nation.

    Many of us thought that the worst of COVID-19 was over and curves were flattening, and our complacency is starting to show. While most of the world will be better prepared for a surge in cases, with hospitals equipped with the necessary supplies, widespread testing available and protocols in place to impose lockdowns, it requires compliance from the people living in the respective regions.

    Perhaps it indicates a cultural failure in the West, considering that Middle Eastern and Far-Eastern nations managing the virus significantly better and avoiding resurgences. This likely stems from the fact that they have experienced other coronavirus outbreaks with SARS and MERS in the past. If the rest of us don’t get with the program and follow social distancing measures, wear masks and maintain strict personal hygiene standards, the devastation caused by COVID-19 so far could look tame in comparison to further spikes in cases.

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