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Coronavirus disease virus or bacteria in close up
Coronavirus disease virus or bacteria. Global healthcare crisis and pandemia

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1 Million NEW Coronavirus Cases Reported in the Last Week

The global tally for cases of coronavirus has surpassed 13 million, with one million of those being reported in the last week alone.

According to Johns Hopkins there have also been over 573,000 coronavirus related deaths, but the number of people dying from coronavirus worldwide is still below its peak figures from mid-April. However, death rates have been on the rise after dipping in June, which shows we are not only losing the battle to flatten the curve, but also the battle to lower mortality rates.

The five worst affected countries around the world are the United States (3.36 million+ cases), Brazil (1.88 million+ cases), India (900,000+ cases), Russia (732,000+ cases) and Peru (330,000+ cases). The virus has been most deadly in the US, with 135,000 deaths and counting, Brazil (72,000+), the UK (44,000+), Mexico (35,000+) and Italy (34,000+).

Furthermore, according to Worldometers, there are now 4,957,923 active cases of COVID-19. South Africa has the fifth most active cases of coronavirus, with 145,383 people still in hospitals or quarantine.

Just as several countries around the world, such as those in Europe, Australia and New Zealand were beginning to get the disease under control, lockdown restrictions were eased, international travel resumed and we simply started to feel safer – we rested on our laurels. However, complacency has led to a second wave, for which we are not prepared. As new research emerges and we start to learn more and more about the seriousness of COVID-19, it seems to have been completely disregarded out of sheer complacency. And with a vaccine set to take several more months, at least, to develop, there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight, as the death toll rises and rises, in tow with newly reported cases.

The stark reality is that this outbreak is far from over and the idea that “you’ve got to live your life” and that “the entire world can’t just come to a halt” is not only outrageous and irresponsible, it is disrespectful to the 573,042 dead bodies that lie in the wake of this pandemic and the countless more that are yet to come.

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