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Biden All-But Seals Dem Primary: Prepare For 4 More Years Of Trump

With a majority of the primary races called after the March 10 Democratic primaries, it’s very likely that Joe Biden is going to be the man chosen to run against Donald Trump. Sadly, 2020 is probably going to be a nauseating deja vu for America and Trump will be in the White House for another four years.

Joe Biden is going has been called as the winner of Michigan, Missouri, Mississippi and is winning Idaho in Tuesday’s Democratic primary results, while Bernie Sanders has a strong lead in Washington and North Dakota. Michigan has, by far, the most delegates up for grabs (125) and it was the critical state in Tuesday’s vote and will likely put the nomination out of reach for Sanders. Washington (89 delegates) is the second most important state, but at the time of writing only a third of the votes have been reported.

So why is electing Joe Biden such a catastrophe? In the crudest of terms, Biden is suffering from dementia; while the kindest way to put it is that he’s suffering from cognitive decline. Here’s Joe Biden telling South Carolina voters that he’s running for the United States’ Senate:

Here’s another video of Biden mixing up his wife and his sister before Super Tuesday:

And, as if that’s not enough, here’s Biden forgetting the Declaration of Independence – the most significant document in American history:

These are just a few examples of Biden’s litany of gaffes produced over the course of his campaign. Biden also claimed to have been arrested in Soweto, South Africa while trying to visit Nelson Mandela on Robben Island. If Joe knew what he was talking about, he’d know that it’s kinda difficult to be arrested in Soweto, on the other side of the country, separated by not only by land, but also water. It only took minutes for fact checkers to spot this as a flagrant lie. Not only is Joe losing it, but he’s also making up stories in his own head. There’s no doubt that Donald Trump will be eagerly anticipating debates between himself and the former Vice President, and, like he labelled Hillary Clinton “crooked Hillary”, he has already nicknamed Biden “Sleepy Joe” and there’s a lot more ammunition in his arsenal…

Biden has a shocking record on a number of things. Not only did he support the Iraq War that has costs hundreds of thousands of lives in terms of both Iraqi citizens and American military personnel (and Biden’s own son, in fact), he also lobbied on behalf of debtors on the bankruptcy bill that’s put millions of Americans in debt, supported the crime bill that has locked up thousands of Americans for non-violent drug offences and opposed desegregated busing, a program that gave opportunities to young, black children to attend good schools. Biden’s poor record is extensive and he’s got a 40 year political career that the Trump campaign will pick through as if it were a gold mine.

Biden is the same establishment, status quo, centrist candidate that Hillary Clinton was in 2016. He has a long record of voting on the wrong side of very contentious legislation, he’s beholden to at least 60 billionaire benefactors and campaign contributors and he’s a career politician. The only difference that may help you hold onto a glimmer of hope is that he’s not as wildly unpopular as Clinton is. In Biden’s defence, he is leading Trump in many of the polls, but the American public only remembers him nostalgically as Obama’s Vice President and most don’t pay attention to the primaries at all. Put him on a debate stage with Trump and that’s bound to change very, very quickly. America is missing out on a once-in-a-lifetime presidential candidate to vote for a senile one with a horror record. The nomination was always going to be harder to win for Bernie Sanders than a general election. And speaking of Bernie…

This is all his fault! He’s too nice. He refuses to buy into the political game and rejects corporate donations, his record shows that he supported all the good legislation and opposed the worst. He opposed the Iraq War and Wall Street Bailouts, he’s supporting criminal justice reform and always stands out as a champion of women’s rights. He’s always right on policy and has never been guilty of corruption. But he’s also refusing to resort to the personal attacks that his campaign has had to endure for this entire election cycle and the one that came before it. When asked about Biden’s failing mental state in a Fox News Town Hall, Sanders refused to comment on Biden’s cognitive decline.

Sanders refuses to get down and dirty, he refuses to call out his “friend” Joe Biden and his campaign is not doing what it should do, distinguish itself from that of other candidates. When Bernie says “I’m not going to go to that level”, he’s condoning the now seemingly inevitable nomination of a candidate that is not mentally fit to run, let alone actually hold office for the next four years.

The sad reality is that he’s only attacking Biden for making seven minute speeches, as opposed to his 45 minute speeches, and the American electorate that barely pays attention to politics will be lost on the underlining message that Biden is running a “minimum visibility” campaign in order to hide his shortcomings in terms of his mental capacity. Sanders has to call Biden out and, if he doesn’t, the race is lost.

So why does this matter to me, a South African with no skin in the game of American politics? The answer is simple. Bernie Sanders is a once-in-a-lifetime candidate, the likes of which we have never seen before and may never see again. He’s right on all of the issues and he’s incorruptible. He’s a real populist – the kind of populist that Trump is pretending to be, which makes him so popular among the American people. Bernie Sanders’ main goal is to fix the structures of the American economy and mitigate the issues that have essentially plagued it since the Global Financial crisis in 2008. He has a grassroots funded campaign, and he’s circumventing the corrupting nature of money in politics that has screwed the American people over ever since the Supreme Court ruled in favour of Citizen’s United against the Federal Elections Commission, which has effectively legalised bribery in the country, saying that campaign donations are “free speech”. Bernie Sanders is (or was) the man to fix America; he is the closest thing the country has seen to FDR (who was elected FOUR TIMES as President after dragging the country out of the Great Depression and leading it through the Second World War). And in 2024, Bernie will be 82-years-old and it’s inconceivable that he’ll ever get to run again.

And, no matter where you live in the world, if you think what happens in America doesn’t affect you, you are kidding yourself. It’s what happens in America that has shaped the course of global history for the last 250 years. They set the template for decolonisation and the decline of European empires from South Africa to Ghana to India and every other corner of the globe. America’s decision to finally abolish slavery almost 100 years after it was ended in other parts of the world that rubber-stamped the liberation of entire races around the world and set the narrative for all of our theories surrounding racism in the world today. It is the rise of oil and railroad companies and major banks that seperate the wealthy from the impoverished today. It’s America’s participation that largely decided the course of both World Wars. It was America’s role in the Cold War that affected every proxy war and communist revolution in Vietnam, Cambodia, Nigeria, Tanzania, Eastern Europe and various parts of South America. It is American film, music, media and culture that spreads far and wide and influences almost every person on earth. America’s legalisation of gay marriage in 2015 and first instance of cannabis (Washington State and Colorado) in 2012 that has led to a knock-on effect all over the world. America’s housing bubble as a result of sub-prime mortgages was central to the Global Financial Crisis over a decade ago… the vestiges of which continue to plague today’s global economy. For goodness sake, in January, everyone in the world was shaking at the prospect of World War 3 after Donald Trump impulsively decided to assassinate General Qasem Soleimani, from Iran, a nation with access to nuclear weapons. DO NOT think that another four years of Trump, caused by the nomination of Biden over Sanders (who overwhelmingly polls better than Trump in general election polls) will not affect your life. Trump is dangerous, arrogant and unpredictable. He’s not behaving like a leader in terms of tackling COVID-19, proposing tax cuts, rather than access to suitable healthcare, as a solution. He could start a war on a whim, through a tweet.

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