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Common Phone Troubles (And How To Avoid Them)

Guest contributor Gary Knipe outlines the most common issues with our phones, and how you can avoid them. This basic guide should give a little more life to the device you simply cannot live without.

by Gary Knipe

More often than not, issues occur not due to a faulty device, but due to bad practices performed on behalf of the user (that’s you.). We take look at the most common issues and how you can avoid them. This basic guide should give a little more life to the device that you simply cannot live without.

Disclaimer: Although these hints can help reduce issues with your device, there’s still a possibility that your device could become faulty. Unfortunately, no amount of care can nullify electrical or functional issues that may occur.

Source: Gilles Lambert on Unsplash

Issue #1: Short battery life

Short battery life is the number one most common issue with phones that are brought in to the repair department. Of course, the age of the device plays a significant role and the battery will deteriorate with time, but there are some very common practices that may increase the degradation of your battery and reduce its longevity.

  1. The #1 worst habit is overcharging your phone. We all do it. We connect our phones on the charger and go to bed, leaving the phone to charge even once it’s reached 100%. At this stage the battery starts to overheat and this can cause significant damage to it.
  • Your battery is almost flat and you place it on charge, but you cannot let go just yet. There are more comments to reply to and selfies to post. Do you wait until it’s fully charged, or remove the charger before you continue using it? Of course not. Why not just use it while it’s charging? Well, this is not a good idea. What happens is, while your phone receives charge it’s also discharging because you’re using it. It’s now charging and discharging at the same time which (surprise!) damages the battery.
  • Charging using the incorrect charger. It’s a very common mistake for people to connect their phone to their PC or laptop to copy over some files and leave it to charge. You should never use your computer, or any other means of charging your device other than the charger provided. Not only will it charge slower, because it’s not getting the correct voltage, but you’re actually damaging your phone.
Source: Cristofer Jeschke on Unsplash

Issue #2: The phone isn’t charging

This can be extremely frustrating. Your battery’s almost flat and your phone’s about to die. You plug your charger into the charging socket, but nothing happens. Guess you received a dud device, right? Perhaps not.

  1. When putting your phone on charge, never place it on the edge of a desk or table, letting the cable hang loose. Always place your phone a few centimetres from the edge. The gravity pulling on the cable as it hangs can cause damage to the socket over time.
  • Check the charging socket. Is it dirty? Are there bits of fluff inside from your pockets? It’s very common to find fluffy dirt inside a charging socket causing the connectors of the phone and the charger not to meet. Get an old toothbrush (dry, obviously) and gently brush out the socket. If you’re not comfortable doing it yourself, take it to the nearest repair centre. You are doing this at your own risk after all.
  • Check the cable and the adapter. Try using a different cable. If it’s still not working, try a different adapter. Plug it into a different wall plug or two. If nothing works, try a different charger. It is quite often that the phone is fine and that the charger has gone faulty.
Source: Jamie Street on Unsplash

Issue #3: Hanging, freezing or rebooting

Does your phone freeze or occasionally reboot by itself? Is it very slow and not very responsive? Before rushing to the repair centre, check out the points below. They just might help:

  1. How much space is left on your device? Try not to fill up the storage space. Like a computer or laptop, your phone needs space to run certain applications. Without enough space, your phone can become slow and sluggish. Make backups of your gallery and delete some photos, videos or apps to create some more space.
  • Always keep your phone up to date. The manufacturer releases regular software updates for a reason. It keeps your device running smoothly and provides updated security measures. These are completely free (apart from data if you’re not on wi-fi) and there’s absolutely no reason not to update your device.
  • Do you have antivirus software on your phone? Be sure to get some. It’s very easy for your phone to become infected with malware. This can cause freezing and even sudden reboots. If your device is infected you may need to wipe your device. Always be careful when downloading third party applications.
  • On that note, third party apps can cause a lot of problems. Does your device freeze or shut down while using a certain app or playing a particular game? Odds are that app is the problem. Remove it from your phone immediately. It’s not doing you any favours.
Source: Samantha Gades on Unsplash.

Issue #4: Screen burn

This is not as common as the issues we’ve already covered, but it happens often enough that it deserves a mention. Screen burn is when there’s an image burned onto the back of the display. More often than not there’s a faint image of the keypad that lingers on the display no matter which app you’re using.

The cause?

You’re not going to like the answer, but it’s caused by being on the same screen for hours on end. The most common app is Whatsapp. Since the display is always on and you’re constantly typing away, that image is quite literally burned onto the display. There’s no way to get rid of it except by having the screen replaced. Put your phone down every once in a while to give the display some rest.

There you have it. Some simple best practice guidelines to help you get the most out of your device, and stop you having to run to the repair centre time and again.

This story was written by a guest contributor, Gary Knipe. If you’d like to become a contributor for Essential Millennial, please contact us and we’ll make sure your stories are shared far and wide.

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