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Dear Boomers, Here’s What It’s Like To Be A Millennial

The Millennial generation (1982-1999) often has a bad reputation among the older generations. However, there are many reasons for who we are, how we behave and our opinions. It starts with you.

We are a generation that’s considered entitled. We have stupid haircuts, love avocados, we skateboard to work and we basically come across as weird. We are completely different to all of the generations before us. We want to design new ways of life that are sustainable. Our generation has also grown up in a radically different way to any others before us. And one of the obvious reasons would be the widespread adoption and use of the internet today.

Even Gen-Zers are different to us because, when they were born, Google was already a thing. My first cellphone was a Motorola and millennials have basically been guinea pigs for a brand new way of life. As if we were the first generation that learned how to read – times a couple billion. We grew up in a time before the internet and came out the other end having to adopt to a new environment where everyone has a good education and access to limitless information. When we die, robots will be doing our jobs… if we’re lucky enough to survive the shit that’s coming our way.

That shit is you and every generation that has come before us. The whole world lives in debt and wealth distribution is non existent. Our environment has been completely destroyed, we breed animals on an industrial scale and countries go to war over oil. Society could not be more f*cked up, with people still living in abject poverty, dying from diseases like Malaria, while a small group of fat cats, earning and/or stealing billions while they work tirelessly to continue this system of democratic feudalism that we call capitalism.

What your generation referred to as a career has turned into a euphemism for indentured servitude. And we know we’re screwed, particularly with regards to our planet. And we are taking action that previous generations refused to – which is why we’re here. We are living sustainably, doing more with less, opting for plant-based diets. In the 80s and 90s, everyone knew that they were destroying the planet… but they continued to live without consequence.

Photo by Massimo Rivenci on Unsplash

And our politics have completely shifted too. None of us know what it was like to live in the Cold War. We were born after the so-called “end of history”, where the ideological conflict between socialism and capitalism was won by the latter.

With the fall of the Soviet Union, we came to accept that systems of capitalism and democracy are the only ones that “work”. Take a look around at the world. Just because your generation was able to live relatively comfortable lives where you could be a homeowner and have kids in your early 20s, doesn’t mean it works. And now we’re going to suffer the consequences. The central argument comes down to this: a complete moron has access to nuclear weapons right now. Not just a moron, but an overcompensating, egotistical moron who may yet, one day, declare war over a tweet. Oh, and we’re doomed for an apocalypse already, without any need for weapons. Australia and the Amazon have been burning down to the ground, while earthquakes, hurricanes and tsunamis are pretty commonplace in many parts of the world. Nobody knows what’s up with the coronavirus, which is just casually spreading through every province of China and another 25 countries and counting.

Photo by Maria Oswalt on Unsplash

Is it any surprise that most millennials actually identify as socialists? We have become incredibly tolerant of one another – we are advocates for things like gender equality, LGBT rights, the redistribution of wealth and sustainable living. Unlike your generation, we aren’t going to be dead when the world explodes because too many damn people live on it, when our homes are underwater, and when there’s just not enough food for us to survive! Can you imagine what day zero is going to look like? We don’t really know what’s coming at this point, but, when it does, we all know who to blame.

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