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5 Podcasts That’ll Make You Laugh Till Your Stomach Hurts

We at the Essential Millennial know how hard it can be to get a workout in every day, particularly if you have a long trek to or from work, so we’ve compiled a list of five podcasts that will make you laugh so hard you’ll get an ab workout in too!

Long commutes to and from work can feel like a massive waste of time. That hour spent on the train or in the car could be used to learn a new skill, or squeeze in a workout. Fortunately, it’s super easy to make your commute to and from work more enjoyable or more productive, by subscribing to podcasts. Even better if those podcasts make you laugh!

We at the Essential Millennial know how hard it can be to get a workout in every day, particularly if you do have a long trek to or from work (these alone can drain you of any energy you have left), so we’ve compiled a list of five podcasts that will make you laugh so hard you’ll get an ab workout in too! Most phones come with a podcast app (or one can easily be downloaded), so pop in your earphones and get ready to feel the burn (in the best way).

my dad wrote a porno podcast

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My Dad Wrote A Porno

Best friends Jamie Morton, Alice Levine and James Cooper gather to read, discuss, and shamelessly mock chapters of Morton’s dad’s erotic novel, Belinda Blinked. The novel itself, rather than being sex, as the author intended, is hilarious, absurd, and horribly cringey. It’ll have you giggling to yourself in public places, and laughing until you can’t breathe, so it’s best to listen to it in a safe and private space in which you can’t make a fool of yourself or spit your coffee onto the person next to you. It contains strong language and sexual themes (what the podcast’s hosts call “all the good stuff”), and shouldn’t be listened to while operating heavy machinery or trying to paint on your liquid eye liner (That last one comes from experience).

the dollop podcast that'll make you laugh

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The Dollop

This American history podcast is hosted by comedians Dave Anthony and Gareth Reynolds, who are either buddies or nemeses depending on who you ask. The show follows the formula of Dave reading Gareth a story from American history (and other countries’ when on tour). Each episode spirals into hilarity as Gareth learns more about the person or event the episode focuses on (and these are often the most peculiar characters and stories). This podcast will not only have you crying with laughter, but will also serves as an educational experience, teaching you bizarre new facts about people such as Tycho Brahe, Frank Lloyd Wright and Colonel Sanders. They do use very strong language so, be advised, this is not a podcast we recommend to introduce your toddlers to world history.

No such thing as a fish podcast will make you laugh

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No Such Thing as a Fish

Educational, entertaining, and will leave you knowing strange facts to whip out at dinner parties or on bad dates, this podcast from the makers of QI will appeal to anyone fond of trivia games and sounding like a know-it-all. Every week, the podcast’s hosts, Dan, James, Anna and Andy discuss their favourite facts of the week, and make us all a little smarter. Their commentary is funny, and generally safe to listen to with children and judgemental parents. Fun for the whole family as well as good for your future (or current) six-pack!



funny podcasts to make you laugh

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Citation Needed

This podcast is essentially a group of bros getting together and reading a random article from Wikipedia as if they’re experts on the subject. They perform skits on the topic, and sometimes make inappropriate jokes that’ll have you chuckling on your drive to work, and make you look like a crazy person to all the people stuck in traffic next to you. Similar to the Dollop, this podcast is funny and informative, and holds nothing sacred. Strong language is used, as can be expected when you record a bunch of men arguing about wikipedia, so not great for young kids, but very good for your ab routine.



funny Bill Burr podcast

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Bill Burr’s Monday Morning Podcast

If you don’t recognise the name, Bill Burr is the actor portraying Frank Murphy in Netflix’s F is for Family. Bill is basically a real life version of his character. Think of him as a quintessential angry, conservative boomer. He talks about a number of topics including sports, current affairs and some hilarious tales of his adventures as a comedian. Bill’s conservative views are, however, balanced out when “the Lovely Nia” (Bill’s wife) joins the conversation every now and then. She adds the voice of reason or can even provoke some of Bill’s funniest rants. His anecdotes are a caricature of an earlier generation, but Bill’s take on everything is genuinely funny. And it gets even better when he responds to his fan mail, with rants that will leave you in stitches. Bill’s podcast’s “tagline” is “go f*** yourself”, so you get the picture on mean words…


So there you have it, some amusing additions to your commute that are guaranteed to brighten your day, help you de-stress and make the most of your trip to or from the office. They’re also great for killing time at the gym, as long as you don’t mind looking like a creep while you chuckle on the elliptical.

To listen to any of these podcasts, search for them on the podcast app on your iPhone, or on apps like Google Podcasts (for Android users), Stitcher, Podbean (cross-platform availability) or Spotify if you’re a member. Happy listening!

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