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2020 US Elections & Record Turnouts; Biden Takes Early Lead Over Trump

2020 US Elections Biden Trump

As polls come to a close, the results of the 2020 US elections are starting to roll in as Joe Biden steals an early march on President Donald Trump.

At the time of writing, Biden is leading Trump with 223 electoral college votes to the incumbent’s 212 with a total of 270 required to win the election, according to the New York Times‘ live election tracker. However, Trump will be happy to know that he has won Florida, a key battleground state, by three points with 96% of votes reported. He’s also won Ohio by eight points, with 90% ballots counted. One of the most critical states, Arizona, meanwhile, looks to be going to Biden, with the former Vice President holding an 8 point lead late on Tuesday evening, which has now been cut to seven points, with 78% of votes counted. Biden has also won Minnessota by a staggering 10 points with 82% of the votes counted.

Biden declared early on Wednesday morning that he’s “on track to win this election,” but that it’s not over until the last ballot is counted.

“It ain’t over till every vote is counted, every ballot is counted,” Mr. Biden said at a drive-in event in a parking lot in Wilmington adjacent to a convention centre. “But we’re feeling good. We’re feeling good about where we are.”

Projecting confidence, Mr. Biden concluded, “Keep the faith, guys!”

Trump, meanwhile, has made claims that fraud is rife in mail-in ballots – a false assertion that has been fact-checked. However, crucially for the survival of American democracy, Trump did not declare victory on Tuesday night before all of the votes were counted, as many suspected he would.

Elsewhere, the Biden campaign will be paying close attention to House and Senate races across the country, as Democrats look to secure a super majority by taking control of all three legislative bodies.

Having a majority in all three could prove critical to a potential Biden presidency. As things stand, the Senate race is being led by Republicans with 46 seats to the Democrats’ 45, with 51 needed to win the majority. Democrats are also losing House races, currently, with 156 seats won to Republican’s 159, with 218 required to secure a majority.

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